Scream – Empty Houses

Eli takes Emma on an adventure while Noah and Zoey go on a date as the Lakewood Killer put Brook and Audrey in a bad situation.

Spoilers for “Let the Right One in”

A quick note:

I apologize for not having a recap for last week’s episode.  A family member had a minor health scare over the holiday weekend.  Thankfully everything is much better now.  I chose to go ahead and skip last week (though I will talk about it a bit in this week’s recap) because I was so far behind, I didn’t want to play catch up.  On to this week’s episode.

Worth a Thousand Words

Wanting to get to the bottom of why Emma is being targeted, Sheriff Acosta visits Emma and Maggie Sunday morning to see if he can take a look at Emma’s computer.  He explains the emails from Riley to Kevin Duvall and admits Kieran came to him with his concerns about Emma’s safety.  Maggie tells Acosta about the farm house with the photos Emma saw before it was mysteriously cleaned out.  The Sheriff, along with another deputy, search the farm house and find it empty, but Acosta does find a photo underneath a chair of a young Emma and a man whose face is scratched out.  He and Maggie realize the man Emma saw in the house was probably a real person.  Possibly a problem they have already dealt with before.

Image Courtesy of MTV

Image Courtesy of MTV

Hot for Teacher

Cornering Emma at the Grindhouse and apologizing profusely for locking the girl in her office still doesn’t win Miss Lang any forgiveness from Emma.  This seriously hurts whatever project on the Lakewood Six she is working on and she schemes to get Emma back in her good graces.  As she is reviewing her notes on the group at the school, Miss Lang gets a phone call from the killer telling her Seth Branson is waiting in the hall for her, but “don’t worry, he’s not handsy anymore.”  Cue the killer waving at her with Branson’s severed hand.  Miss Lang runs and stumbles over the body of her former boyfriend.  She continues to run at his instance when the killer comes up behind her.  Missing Miss Lang and stabbing Branson instead, the killer improvises his plan by throwing Miss Lang off the stairs causing a massive head wound.  Before the killer can do more, the school janitor finds Miss Lang and calls an ambulance.

Get Branson

Feeling guilty over how she left Branson in the hotel room, Brook confesses going “full Hard Candy” on her former lover to Audrey.  She is dark in a good way, she understands.  After finding the hotel room clean and empty of everything but Branson’s watch, the blindfold, and the gag she used, Brook gets a text message from Branson’s number telling her to meet him at the school to “apologize” (he put the word in quotes).  What they didn’t see was a camera recording her and Audrey in the room talking and taking the leftover items with them.

Audrey and Brook discuss a game plan for Branson.  Audrey’s advice?  Deny,deny,deny.  But Brook is a little more level-headed on this one, “the longer you lie about something, the worse it gets.”  This prompts Audrey to come clean with Emma about her part in Piper’s arrival to Lakewood.  The Lakewood killer has other plans for Audrey.  She gets a message from her tormentor telling her to come to the school alone or the gif of her with dead Jake will be sent to Brook.

It doesn’t take much to convince Brook that Audrey needs to go in the school first to scope out Branson’s demeanor, but lucky for Audrey the killer’s plans were foiled by the janitor.  When Audrey comes bursting thru the school doors yelling for the killer to come out, she finds the janitor and a barely alive Miss Lang.

Image Courtesy of MTV

Image Courtesy of MTV

Coitus Interruptus

After a nice date at the lake (slightly marred by a few ignored phone calls from Audrey), Zoey and Noah take things back to his place where he shows her is podcasting equipment (not a euphemism).  Showing her how to record and save, Zoey sees a file marked Audrey and sends Noah off for some “adult beverages.”  Zoey listens to the first part of Audrey’s confession and emails the file to herself.  As Zoey and Noah are getting down to some sexy times, Audrey comes busting in the door freaked about Miss Lang.  After Zoey leaves, Audrey and Noah discuss the possibility of the killer trying to put her on the hook for another kill.

Burning Down the House

Angry at Kieran for going behind her back yet again to the sheriff, Emma agrees to go to dinner with Eli who promises her some thrills to make her forget everything else going on.  Those thrill include breaking into a housing development (which is still under construction) and having their dinner in an abandoned model house.  As a way of escapism, Eli explains he breaks into houses and makes up a new life for himself.  He claims it is empty ones like the one they are in now, but we as the audience know he likes to spend his time in occupied houses and leave evidence behind to mess with the owners (like red shoes, a partially eaten breakfast, and coffee).

Image Courtesy of MTV

Image Courtesy of MTV

Eli takes advantage of Emma’s anger at his cousin and starts to explain how different Lakewood Kieran is compared to Atlanta Kieran and goes in for the kiss.  Emma rejects him stating she may be angry at Kieran, but she still loves him.  Before Eli can protest her rejections any further, the smoke detector goes off as flames start to overtake the house.  The two escape thru the garage and Eli tells Emma they need to run and not call the fire department, he has a history with the police.

Unknown to them (or maybe just Emma) a dead Eddie and a barely alive Branson were trapped in the bathroom.  Branson wakes just as the fire reaches the bathroom.


Before he was used to lure Miss Lang out, I would have thought it was Stavo who came to the hotel room at the end of last week’s episode to cut off Branson’s hand as a revenge for Brook.  I still think it was Stavo (how else would the Lakewood killer know he was in the room), but the motivations may not be all about Brook.

Does anyone else think it was Kieran who set the house on fire?  He caught Eli flirting with Emma at The Grindhouse and looked pretty heartbroken and angry.  He could have followed them on their date or known exactly where his cousin would take her.  I don’t think he wanted to hurt Emma, more like get Eli in trouble.

Image Courtesy of MTV

Image Courtesy of MTV

Dead Eddie and a nearly dead Branson in the bathroom of the house Eli breaks into makes me really suspicious of both Eli and Kieran.  It can’t be coincidence Eli just happened to pick the house the Lakewood killer stashes two bodies.

Could the person Maggie and Acosta already have dealt with be Troy James, Brandon’s brother?  Or Kevin Duvall?

What did you think of last night’s episode of Scream?  Do you think Kieran or Eli has something to do with the killings?  Do you think Branson made it out of the fire?  Who is the man in the photo with young Emma?  Let me know what you think in the comments section below.

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