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Detective Box tires to build his case against Naz as Jack is busy teaching his new client how not to talk and the meaning of “truth” in the justice system.

Spoilers for “Subtle Beast”


Jack is dealing with a client who wants to talk and is doing everything he can to curb that.  Talking means more the police have to work with.  “Shut it” he keeps telling Naz.  “They come up with their story, we come up with ours.  The jury gets to decide which they like best… I don’t wanna be stuck with the truth.  Until I have to.”  Unfortunately, Detective Box is very good.  “He’s a talented oppressor… a subtle beast” Jack describes him.

Image Courtesy of HBO

Image Courtesy of HBO

Naz’s parents come to the precinct to see their son, but the desk clerk explains Naz is an adult, they don’t have to let anyone but his lawyer in to see him.  Box, who has been told by Jack to not question his client again, puts Naz in a room with his parents.  “Where’s the harm in letting them see their son?”  Relieved to see his parents, Naz quickly starts talking.  He reassures them he didn’t do it and starts tell them everything.  Until he sees the camera inside the room.  He quickly switches to Punjabi (or is it Urdu?), but Box still has the conversation on video.  Naz begins to understand what Jack means about the detective.

Jack talks to Naz’s parents and tells him he will be in contact if anything changes, then he goes to his client’s cell to yell at Naz for talking to his parents.  “I don’t understand how the truth can hurt” Naz cries.  Jack clarifies just how bad it is.  The jury is going to see finger prints, the knife in Naz’s jacket, DNA all over the house.  That is what the jury if going to believe, not some kid telling the “truth.”

The only family Andrea has is her stepfather, Don Taylor (Paul Sparks).  When Box calls, Don immediately thinks she is in trouble again and refuses to come and get her.  At the morgue, Don is shown Andrea’s photo to positively identify her as his stepdaughter.  At first he tells the mortician they have the wrong girl, but recants when they want to show him the body “just to be sure.”  Don discloses his stepdaughter’s troubles with the law over drugs to the detective.  She doesn’t work, has many boyfriends, and he is sure she is not into prostitution, but “there’s a lot I don’t know about her.”  Andrea’s mother died the year before, her father died when she was much younger.  When her mother passed, Andrea got the nice brownstone and Don had to move to Queens.

Image Courtesy of HBO

Image Courtesy of HBO

Box takes the case to his superior.  Everything is good, but “a confession will be deadly.”  Box goes a different route this time to talk to Naz.  He takes his suspect upstairs, out of the holding cells where Jack can keep an eye on him, and places him in the office.  As Box “works” on other case files, he talks to Naz.  States he doesn’t understand why Naz, a good kid, is mixed up with a murder.  The detective pleads with Naz to fill in the blanks, even gives the kid his inhaler back.  But after his screw up with his parents, Naz keeps his mouth shut.

With his back against the wall, Box charges Naz with possession of a weapon, possession of a weapon for deadly purpose, resisting arrest, aggravated sexual assault, and murder in the first degree.  Even the other people in the court for their bail hearings seem to think Naz’s charges are a joke.  No way this quiet, wide-eyed kid did all that.  Naz pleads “Not guilty” and is denied bail because of all the serious charges (for fans of Serial, the DA’s argument on denial of bail sounded way too familiar).  Off to Riker’s Island Naz goes.  He thought the last two days were hell…

Meanwhile, Box meets with DA Helen Weiss (Jeannie Berlin) to discuss the case.  Without question, she has worked with Box many times before and understands how the man works.  All Helen really wants to know is if the detective is sure they got the right guy.  “No question” he answers.  “You blinked” Helen counters.  “So how am I going to lose [the case]?” she presses.  Box only has a simple “you’re not” but both can tell his is not telling her the whole truth.  Andrea’s drug arrests, party lifestyle, and bad relationship with her stepfather is going to make this case difficult to prosecute.

Image Courtesy of HBO

Image Courtesy of HBO

Thoughts, Questions, Theories:

Well now we know how Andrea can afford that brownstone and have a possible motive for murder.  Could the stepdad have killed her or had her killed to get the house (and possibly some money)?

Image Courtesy of HBO

Image Courtesy of HBO

One person on Reddit has a great theory about the guy on the motorcycle from the first episode. Another great theory on the drugs Naz and Andrea were using in the pilot.

There are several theories going around about the significance of the inhaler Box gives to Naz is the one from the crime scene, but that could be easily explained away.  Naz most likely has multiple inhalers (as most asthmatics I know do) and Box gave him an extra they found when the Khan’s house was searched.

Now the inhaler found in Andrea’s bed was mysteriously lacking blood despite being on blood covered sheets…

The camera in the beginning focuses on the eye of the stuffed deer head a little too long, much like in the pilot.  I’m thinking there has to be a camera in there, right?  The eye has to be important if there is so much attention on it.  Plus the long look at someone swabbing what looks like blood off the corner of the eye…

How messed up is Box for dressing Naz in a Harvard tee before putting him in a transport van?  He intentionally painted a target on Naz in hopes of making the kid’s life in prison miserable and get a confession before trial.  This man is good.

Image Courtesy of HBO

Image Courtesy of HBO

I think the reporter, Eddie (can’t seem to find the actor’s name), is going to be important later.  He seems to know Box well and was miffed when the detective didn’t give him too much information, like that is not normally how things are done.  Plus, reporters always become an integral part of the story in shows such as this one.

What did you think of last night’s episode of The Night Of?  Do you think the stepfather had something to do with Andrea’s death?  Any theories about the inhaler?  Talk to me in the comments section below.

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