Suicide Squad Character Bios

Over the last couple of days, Suicide Squad has released character bio videos on their twitter page giving those who don’t read the comics a very quick (and colorful) break down of each baddie turned good (well sorta turned good) with nice little pithy stats about each one. Take a look after the jump:




A new video featuring more of Deadshot was just released on twitter


One thing I wish I could have taken the time to talk about is how Suicide Squad has really used social media to their advantage. After Batman vs Superman didn’t sit too well with most people (with the exception of the super-fans), the marketing department for this bad guys turned heroes film really stepped up on promoting how different this movie is. The Squads Coachella was the first time I had seen a major mainstream comic book movie be promoted at a music festival (especially one that is way too hipster for its own good).

Deadpool did the same thing with a great deal of success. Social media and non traditional means of marketing showed movie goers Deadpool was not a typical superhero film and neither is the upcoming Suicide Squad.

Are you going to go and see the new entry to the DCEU?

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