Sherlock Season 4 Trailer – “Miss me?”

Yes, Moriarty, I missed you! Take a look at the exciting first look of the fourth season of Sherlock released this afternoon at SDCC:



At the end of season three, Sherlock (Benedict Cumberbatch) was on a plane to a mission he surely would not have survived as punishment for taking the law into his own hands. As he was leaving, a video featuring the image of the thought dead Jim Moriarty (Andrew Scott) repeating “did you miss me?” aired all over London forcing the British government to bring Sherlock back. Now our favorite detective and his partner, John Watson (Martin Freeman), must find out who is the puppet master behind several attacks.

Could it be Toby Jones’ Culverton Smith? Jim Moriarty himself? Or someone new?

It looks as if a few of Sherlock and Watson’s loved ones are going to be caught in the crossfire because the promo promises us “Everyone they know is under threat.”

Image Courtesy of BBC

Image Courtesy of BBC

I’m sure it is not all doom and gloom as John and Mary Watson (Amanda Abbington) are becoming first time parents and you know Sherlock is not going to let them go at it alone.

Sherlock is set to return in 2017 sometime. My best guess will be around January.

Are you excited for season four?

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