The Night Of – A Crowe over the Stone

Naz gets an offer of protection in prison while his family gets a more than one offer of representation.

Spoilers for “A Dark Crate”


Naz’s life at Rikers has begun. He is given his clothing, his pamphlet on recovery, his mat for prayers. Advice on keeping his head down is quickly issued by the inmate sleeping next to him. But the advice is worthless after the media gets their hooks on the story of the beautiful white 22 year old woman stabbed to death and Naz has been charged and arraigned. The officer leading the press conference tells the reporters the motive “looks sexual in nature,” but under investigation. The other inmates waiting trial or sentencing are none too fond of rapists.

Image Courtesy of HBO

Image Courtesy of HBO

One of the reporters asks if Naz is a citizen (“records show he was born here”), and the reporter clarifies Naz is Muslim (“We understand he is”). “Does he have ties to any foreign organizations?” The same reporter asks. “That’s under investigation.”

Freddie (Michael Kenneth Williams) is a boxer turned criminal awaiting sentencing at Rikers. He grew up with a few of the guards. He sees that their families are protected, and in turn they see Freddie has what he needs, good food, a TV, smokes. But one of the guards/side chick can no longer get him the drugs he needs. The prison is cracking down on the guards for bringing in contraband.

Freddy sees Naz around the common area, worshiping with the Nation of Islam (fake Muslims looking for better food according to Freddie), and looking very much like a fish out of water. He gives Naz shoes “for traction” in the showers, offers him a chance to use a burner phone to call his family (though Naz turns him down), and extends his protection. At first Naz says no, but after his bed is set on fire, Naz may change his mind.

Image Courtesy of HBO

Image Courtesy of HBO

In the meantime, John has to go to the Khan’s with a contract for a retainer. Defending a murder charge normally costs $150,000 according to the lawyer, so he will cut them a deal at $75,000 or half if it doesn’t go to trial. Eventually John reduces to $50,000 when the Khans reveal they do not have much in the bank. They have no family or friends to turn to because they are doing better financially than them. John leaves a contract for his retainer with the parents and tells them he cannot work on Naz’s behalf until the contract is signed. That small detail doesn’t stop John from going to the DA’s office to talk pleading down to manslaughter with Hellen.

Knowing he can’t plead the DA down without a few holes in the evidence against Naz, John goes to Andrea’s house to take a look around. While there he sees Andrea’s cat, still outside where she placed it so Naz wouldn’t have an allergic reaction. John lets the little guy in and feeds it. Later that evening while walking by the house, he sees the cat outside once again looking sad and lonely. “I can’t take you, allergic” John tells the feline. He instead takes the cat to a shelter where it will be available for adoption for ten days before it is put down.

After seeing the press conference the police held on the investigation of Andrea’s murder, high powered lawyer Alison Crowe (Glenne Headly) wants the case. To help sell herself and her firm (in which she is a partner) she brings Chandra (Amara Karan) an Indian paralegal who speaks Hindi. Alison offers to take on Naz’s case pro bono. “[The case] reminds me of why I wanted to be a lawyer to begin with” she reveals. John only represents drug dealers and prostitutes, but represents is too strong of a word, she further explains. He pleads them out because “he doesn’t want to be in a courtroom any more than a courtroom wants him in it.” A free trial attorney or a hack for $50,000? No brainer right?

Image Courtesy of HBO

Image Courtesy of HBO

Stone may be fired as Naz’s attorney, but he might not be out of the case. Looking to get their cab back, Salim’s partners, Yusuf (Nabil Elouahabi) and Tariq (Mohammad Bakri), go with him to the impound. The impound officer informs them the cab will be returned when the trial is over. But Naz was driving it when he supposedly killed Andrea. “The State can sue in order to keep it in a civil court.” In other words, the three men are never getting their cab back. If Salim files grand theft charges against his son, then the three men can file to get their vehicle back. Salim refuses and walks away. The officer gives the other two men a John Stone’s card. He might be able to get them their cab back.

Thoughts, Theories, Questions:

More questions than theories this time.

What do you think Freddy wants from Naz in exchange for protection?

Why do you think Alison want Naz’s case so badly? Because the exposure she will get representing an Arab kid accused of killing a sweet white girl?

The introduction of Alison Crowe is brilliant. When we meet her, she is talking to the press about her client, a flight attendant who is suing the doctor who botched the surgery on her face. The flight attendant is also suing her the airline who fired her despite 25 years of outstanding service because “the results [of the surgery] made it too disturbing for the passengers to interact with her.” When a reporter (a female one at that) points out Crowe’s client willing got the surgery, Crowe coldly informs the reporter her client was given several none too subtle hints about “keeping up appearances” from her employer (something that same reporter might soon hear). “So was it voluntary? You tell me.”

Image Courtesy of HBO

Image Courtesy of HBO

Do you think John will use Yusuf and Tariq looking to charge Naz with grand theft as a way of getting the case back from Alison? Or do you think he is too good to stoop so low?

The parallels of John and Naz are interesting. Both are allergic to cats. As Naz is getting new shoes, John is staring at the pair he will never get to buy. John attends a support group for men with extreme psoriasis (one of the guys looked unnervingly a lot like Steve Buscemi) while Naz gets a pamphlet from the prison about a 12-Step program.

John’s feet are like another character in the show. He may be a “precinct crawler,” but there are many of those in the city. What makes John Stone stand out is his feet, everyone has to ask him about them. It makes him a joke and an outcast among the outcasts.

Image Courtesy of HBO

Image Courtesy of HBO

Who was taking the photos of Salim Khan as he was leaving the impound? A reporter or someone looking into the family?

What did you think of last night’s episode of The Night Of? Do you think Freddie’s protection of Naz will be enough? What do you thin Allison’s intentions are? Will the cat last ten days at the shelter? Let me know what you think in the comments section below.

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