Supernatural Newbie Review – Episode 119 “Provenance”

After eleven seasons, something possessed me (see what I did there) to start watching Supernatural from the beginning. If you are a fan of the series, feel free to go back and re-watch it with me. Please do not be a troll and post spoilers for future episodes in the comments section. If you have been wanting to start Supernatural, then I encourage you to watch with me. Spoilers for the series as I go.

Image Courtesy of The CW

Image Courtesy of The CW

Dean and Sam are on the hunt for a haunted painting which is why one should never buy art featuring someone else’s family.

After a couple is mysteriously murdered, the Winchester brothers find this type of killing has been a part of a pattern their father had seen before. They head to upstate New York and track the couple’s things to an auction house where they meet the daughter of the owner, Sarah (Taylor Cole) who has some big eyes for the younger brother. Before Sam can get a copy of the provenances (a record of who has owned the couple’s artwork), the brothers are thrown out by the owner. Dean talks Sam into asking Sarah out on a date to get the paperwork from her because “it wasn’t my butt she was checking out.”

During the date (where she orders beer and gets a big amount of approval from me), Sarah tells Sam about losing her mother a year before and this is her first date in some time. She tries to question Dean about why he hasn’t dated in a while, but he shuts her down with the whole “long story for another time” excuse. But overall the date goes well. Sam gets the paperwork (without conning her, or offering any special favors much to Dean’s shock) and notices a painting of a family named Merchant has also been in the ownership of the other victims.

Dean and Sam break into the auction house and cut the canvas from its frame and take it to a remote area to burn. Dean, acting as a good brother, tricks Sam into going back to the auction house using the whole dropped-my-wallet trick so Sam will talk to Sarah again. He tries to tell her they are leaving town that day and he is just saying goodbye when he sees the Merchant family painting back in its frame and looking as disturbing as ever. Sam asks Sarah to hold the painting for him.

Image Courtesy of The CW

Image Courtesy of The CW

Researching the Merchants, the father was a barber. According to the newspapers, he snapped one night, killed his whole family and then his self by “handing out Colombian neckties” with his straight razor. Sam calls Sarah to try to buy the painting from her, but her greedy father already sold it to a wealthy friend of theirs. Sarah meets the brothers at the friend’s house, but they are too late.

Merchant’s wife, two sons, and daughter were cremated and the children’s favorite toys were encased in a mausoleum with them. The father was given a pauper’s funeral (buried in an unmarked grave). The three of them dig up, salt, and burn the bones of the father, then return to the house to burn the painting just in case. But the daughter in the painting is missing and so is the straight razor also featured in the portrait. As the daughter is bearing down on Sam and Sarah, who are trapped in the house, Dean goes back to the mausoleum and burns the doll which was made using the little girl’s hair. The creepy daughter disappears and Sarah has the painting destroyed.

One thing that I have brought up before is the possibility that Sam is cursed. He asks himself that very same question when he tells Sarah about the death of his mother and Jessica. Maybe he is not necessarily cursed, but there is something obviously up with him. His mother dies in his room, his girlfriend in the room they shared. Sam has visions, but they only surrounded his former home and another person with the same type of history. None since. Meg Masters sought Sam out when the two brothers split ways, not Dean even though the older brother would have been more likely to engage with a beautiful woman.

Did the demon their father is hunting pick Sam because of his powers? Or did the demon pick Sam at random and give him the powers?

Image Courtesy of The CW

Image Courtesy of The CW

Sam initially pushes Sarah away because of his feelings about being cursed, but eventually he gives up Jessica’s ghosts and decides to stick around for a short while. I really liked the character of Sarah. She is smart, brave (despite being terrified the entire time), and honest. She wasn’t too freaked out over the idea of them being hunters and she helped Sam move on from his fear of hurting someone else. I doubt this character will return because the show is about the journey the brothers are on. No girls allowed.

Two final thoughts. The disco themed hotel room was awesome! Dean accidentally calls Sam “Jared” when they are looking at the painting towards the end of the episode.

What did you think of “Provenance”? Did you like Sarah as well? What do you think about Sam’s curse theory? Feel free to comment in the section below and please do not post spoilers for future episodes.

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2 comments on “Supernatural Newbie Review – Episode 119 “Provenance”

  1. I’ve seen this episode twice, I think (soon to be at least a partial third, because I never noticed the name slip before), and to me it fits a pattern of having good brother moments and showcasing some decent effects but otherwise being kind of unremarkable, which is how Supernatural goes for me a lot of the time: It either swings for the fences or meanders around, rarely being bad, usually being good but sometimes just being *there.*

    • I agree. This is an episode that has some good brother moments, but is just there. I mostly just wanted to use a minor conversation between Sam and Sarah to talk about the idea of Sam being cursed. I wish I could go more into my ideas of what is going on with Sam, but knowing the entire story line has been resolved gives me pause. Partially because I don’t want to sound like an idiot for guessing wrong, but also because I don’t want those who have seen the series a reason to start commenting on episodes I haven’t gotten to yet.

      Also, I only knew about the name slip is because it was pointed out to me by a friend who is a fan of the series before I watched the episode. I was waiting for it.

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