Scream –Special Friends

The killer continues to taunt Emma and Audrey, Brook receives some information about Jake’s death as Haley throws the worst themed party ever.

Spoilers for “The Orphanage”

Emma, Unhinged

Emma is pretty damn angry. Audrey hid her relationship with Piper from her and Noah didn’t come to her when he found out the truth. Needing answers, she, Kieran, and Brook corner the podcaster. He claims he didn’t go to them because he wanted to give Audrey a chance to tell the truth. But it doesn’t matter now, because an email sent from a “special friend” allowed Emma to hear the whole recording.

Image Courtesy of MTV

Image Courtesy of MTV

Audrey intervenes to try and explain. “I didn’t know it was Piper!” Audrey pleas. “Yes, you did! You just didn’t want people to blame you!” Emma fires back. “Everyone should blame you.” She spits before shoving her former best friend into a locker.

Kieran pulls Emma away and tells her to grab her things so they can go. As Emma opens her locker, she finds a tape hanging inside at the end of (what I’m presuming is) a chunk of Ms. Lang’s hair and “Play me” written in lipstick on the mirror. She and Kieran listen to the psychology teacher’s recording of the last conversation when Emma told Lang to give her some space. At the end, Lang talks about Emma being “violent and unstable,” but Lang “needs her.” Needs Emma for what exactly?

Sex tips from Phantasm II

Audrey may be super pissed Noah kept the recording, but she believes him when he says he didn’t send it. Who did? Noah’s computer is unhackable. Noah, having forwarded the email Emma received to himself, works on tracking the IP server. While he is looking, Audrey is pointing the finger at Zoey, who is fawning over her boyfriend’s computer skills. Much to Noah (and not as convincingly) Zoey’s shock, the email came from her. She claims her innocence, but Audrey is not having it. Noah intervenes (believing Zoey) and tells his best friend that it doesn’t matter because she should have confessed everything to Emma like he begged her to do days ago. Audrey storms out yelling about “fixing things with Emma.” Zoey shows her thanks to Noah for standing up for her by popping that cherry.

Image Courtesy of MTV

Image Courtesy of MTV

Unable to let go of the fact that the killer knew there was a recoding at all, Noah realizes the killer has been listening in on him the whole time. The live streaming camera he took from the storage unit had a bug inside.

Not the only cousin with B&E skills

Hoping to get some answers, Kieran and Emma visit Kristen Lang, who is now out of her coma. She wakes to see her two students and starts to scream (or tries to, but she had a breathing tube which messes with the vocal cords). The nurse kicks the two out and Emma is shaken by Lang’s reaction. She freaks more when she sees Daisies at the nurse’s station about to be delivered to her teacher. Kieran reads the card attached and it is signed “Krissy, Feel Better. Love, Piper.”

Kieran sneaks back into Ms. Lang’s room after she is sedated and steals her house keys. That night, Emma and Kieran let themselves into her house. Emma sees a photograph suspiciously hung upside down in the bedroom. It is a class photo of Ms. Lang and Piper at Blessed Sisters Children’s Home.

Emma calls the Noah with the info. He has heard of the orphanage. It was a former insane asylum before becoming a group home. Eventually it was shut down when the caretakers were found to be doing some inappropriate things with the children in the attic. Needing to know more, Noah, Zoey, Kieran, and Emma rush to Blessed Sisters.

Taking back the night

As Audrey does her best to compose an apology letter to Emma, she gets a call from her tormentor. “I’m sorry Miss Lakewood ruined your virgin,” he taunts her and texts her an invitation to the “Face the Mask” party being held at the orphanage to “pick up the pieces” of Noah.

Emma, Kieran, Zoey, and Noah arrive at the orphanage to a rave going on with people wearing masks, some of them wearing the Brandon James’ mask. Kieran calls the Sheriff while Zoey and Noah look for a way to shut off the lights and clear everyone out before a blood bath breaks out. One of the party goers congratulates Emma for throwing a “take back the night” empowering party and shows her the invitation that has both her and Audrey’s name on it as the hosts. Emma spots Haley handing out masks and confronts her about the party. “It’s just a joke. I said I’d help out [her] very special friend who prefers to remain anonymous” she giggles at Emma. “Do you realize you might be protecting a killer right now?” Emma tires to reason with the mean girl. “Stop being so paranoid. Its’ someone I’m seeing” Haley giggles some more and walks away.

Emma spots Audrey and the two fill each other in quickly. They both get messages stating their “better half” is waiting upstairs. Emma thinks it is Kieran, Audrey guesses Noah. They rush upstairs to see Piper’s photo plastered on the walls and a figure sitting in the middle of the room. In a very Psycho like reveal, Audrey and Emma walk around to the front of the figure and discover Piper’s very dead body (now we know why the police were never able to find her in the lake).

Image Courtesy of MTV

Image Courtesy of MTV

Lights Out

Haley goes to the back store room to meet with her “special friend.” “They all showed up, just like you wanted,” she says as she goes to kiss him. Before she can get her kiss in, he pulls down his Brandon James mask. “I guess I’ll just have to find somewhere else to put my lips,” she purrs while getting on her knees. Having enough of the charade, the “special friend” shows Haley his knife and proceeds to attack her, stabbing her multiple times. Haley screams for help, but the music drowns her out.

Noah and Zoey find the circuit box and flip all the switches to off, thoroughly ending the party. The Sheriff’s department shows up just as the party goers are leaving and talk to Emma and Audrey. Acosta believes the two of them when they say they are not the ones who threw the party, but he is wondering why there was one in the first place. “Talk to Haley,” Emma advises him, “I think that her [very special friend] is the killer.” Walking into the orphanage, the Sheriff finds Haley strung up by her hands under the “Face the Mask” banner.

Image Courtesy of MTV

Image Courtesy of MTV


After spending the night together, Brook tells Stavo “[Jake] is still here. I just don’t think I can do this until I know what happened to him.” Last night is all he gets until she finds closure. Hoping to speed this process up, Stavo searches his father’s office at the police department while Acosta is out. He finds the file on Jake which contain printouts of the messages between Jake and Quinn Maddox. The Mayor was asking Jake to burn down his housing development the night Jake was killed. Stavo also sees the file his father has on him and the killings of Eddie the Clerk and Seth Branson along with several of his drawings taken from his room.

Stavo brings a photo of the message to Brook and she uses it to confront her father. She blames him for the death of Jake and moves out to the hotel room that was her mother’s. Stavo (after leaving the “Face the Mask” party) meets her there. It is pretty clear Brook is ready to move on.

What happens in Phoenix…

Acosta is worried about his son. He shows the drawings to Maggie and explains why they moved to Lakewood. In Phoenix, Stavo and his friend found Acosta’s gun and were playing around with it. Somehow it went off and the friend was shot in the face. Stavo called 911, but by the time help got there, the kid was already gone.

Stavo wasn’t freaking about seeing his friend shot, he was sitting calmly, drawing the scene before him. There was an issue as to whether or not Stavo called 911 immediately. The amount his friend bled out was questionable. It was eventually ruled an accident, but Acosta moved the family away to get a fresh start.

Questions, Thoughts, and Theories:

One of the killers has to be Stavo, Kieran, or Eli. One of the also killers has to be male since it was fairly clear Haley was with a man before she was killed. (Yes, she could be a lesbian and was getting on her knees to service a woman, but the size of the killer, plus the ability to throw Haley around like a doll, makes me think it was a man, not a woman.) The only people not accounted for during her murder were those three (Eli was actually missing for the entire episode). That doesn’t mean Emma, Brook, Zoey, Noah, or Maggie couldn’t have a role in this either. The killers in the movies were always a pair working together, the show isn’t going to deviate from that.

Does anyone else think Haley’s “Special Friend” is Kieran? And am I a really bad person for being a little happy that obnoxious little twit is gone?

The way she was talking and laughing at Emma, it made me thing Haley was taunting Emma, like she had a very bad secret. Especially when she talked about her friend. I think she was laughing because her friend was Kieran. Haley mocked Emma and Kieran for the funhouse incident, but she was also seriously giving Kieran the eye. When he told her off, she looked heart broken. Or am I just seeing things?

Image Courtesy of MTV

Image Courtesy of MTV

Ms. Lang freaked when she opened her eyes to see Emma, but Kieran was also there in her view. Was she screaming because of him or Emma?

The email sent to Emma with Audrey’s confession was signed “Special Friend” and that is exactly what Haley called the person who helped her throw the party. The wording feels too specific for it not to be important.

Zoey’s name was attached to the IP address and she could have sent it not knowing Noah can track it, but I’m not so sure she did. I’m not sold on the idea of Zoey being the killer, but that just probably means she is with the way this show works.

Stavo is my other best guess as the killer. Brook told him she needed to know who killed Jake and he stated (in a very dead pan way) “I did it.” But was he being cheeky or confessing? He was at the party for unexplained reasons and when he went to Brook’s hotel room afterwards, he asked her if the room was for “special friends.” Again with that phrase. Right after Stavo says it, the show cuts to Acosta finding Haley and saying, “her very special friend.”

Stavo also stole lipstick from Brook’s room and the message on Emma’s locker mirror was written in lipstick, possibly the same shade.

Image Courtesy of MTV

Image Courtesy of MTV

Emma’s dreams about stabbing her friends definitely points to her as one of the possible killers along with her kind of unhinged behavior. Could she be doing this with the help of someone and not remember?

What did you think of last night’s Scream? Do you think they will go with the Multiple Personality twist for Emma? Do you think Stavo, Kieran, or Eli is one of the killers? Maybe Zoey is in on it? Or did Brandon James not die? (Promos suggest just that) Are we in danger of losing Noah? Let me know your thoughts and theories in the comments section below.

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