Preacher Finale – God Almighty!

As the town of Annville gears up for God, Sheriff Root continues his search for answers about Eugene’s disappearance and Jesse makes amends with a few people.

Spoilers for “Call and Response”


With 15 hours and 38 minutes till God comes to Annville, Sheriff Root’s raid on Toadvine Whorehouse manages to land Cassidy in the small town jail. Root needs answers about his son and figures the friend of the preacher might talk. He looks into Cassidy’s arrest record and he notices the dates of the arrests go back to the 1920s. Putting it together with Cassidy’s aversion to the sun (“I just wrote it down to you being an asshole”) and Root realizes he has a vampire on his hands. The lawman proceeds to systematically shoot the Cassidy and give him just enough blood to heal to question him about Eugene. Cassidy proposes the Sheriff must be happy to be ride of his “arsefaced” son and all of his questions. Root unloads his pistol into Cassidy and lets him go as a response.

Image Courtesy of AMC

Image Courtesy of AMC

Tulip was moved by Jesse’s voicemail and returns to Annville to rescue him only to find him holed away with Schencks. Donnie spared Jesse’s life in the church because “preacher was merciful” that day in the men’s room, “so I was merciful, too.” To see if Jesse really meant what he said in the voicemail, Tulip asks if he would do anything for her. When he answers “anything,” she opens her trunk to reveal a tied up Carlos. “Kill him.”

Flashback to the events in Dallas and we meet a much happier Tulip and Jesse robbing a bank with Carlos as their getaway man. Jealous of the couple’s obvious adoration of one another, Carlos frees a security guard prompting Jesse to kill him while Carlos drives off with the contents of the bank vault. A distressed Tulip miscarried their child right then and there.

Rationalizing that he is “goin’ to hell anyway,” Jesse grabs a trash bag, a pot holder, and the gun. Tulip stops him before he can pull the trigger. Partially because killing Carlos will make a mess of her trunk and crack the axle, but mostly because Jesse’s willingness to do it for her is “the most beautiful thing anyone’s ever done for [her].” They decide to let Carlos go, but not without beating the ever living daylights out of the deserter.

Image Courtesy of AMC

Image Courtesy of AMC

The next morning, Betsy sends the deputies parked outside of All Saints on a wild goose chase so she, Jesse, Donnie, and Tulip can prep the church for service. Jesse is unsure if the phone will even work, but Tulip assures him “no matter what, we’re gettin’ French fries after.” (#FrenchFryLove) Emily promises her daughter Miles is “meetin’ [God] somewhere else” as the whole town packs All Saints Church. Before Jesse can place his call, Odin stands up and declares there will be no God at the other end of that phone. “The only real God is the God of Meat” he proclaims before sitting down and letting Jesse dial the phone.

No one answers at first and Odin is ready to declare victory, but the sun vanishes and a white-haired and bearded old white man in white robes on a throne pops up on screen much to the shock of everyone (“Told you [God’s] a white guy” Tulip mocks Jesse). The man claims to be the deity and gives the most generic answers to everyone’s questions, making Jesse pause. The other parishioners shout every question they can at him (“What did you do to the dinosaurs?” “Can I get my dick back on?”), but Jesse quickly takes over. He asks about Eugene and God assures Jesse Eugene has been saved just as he has saved those in the town. Jesse knows this is not God. The preacher commands the imposter to tell him where God is and before he is dragged away by others in white suits, the fake deity panicky confesses “God is missing. Do you know where he is? Maybe he’s down there with. We don’t know.”

Image Courtesy of AMC

Image Courtesy of AMC

News of the missing almighty has left the citizens of Annville in a state of shock and chaos. Mrs. Loach smother’s Tracy as her son selfies the act. The battling mascots commit suicide together. The Sheriff gives up and watches Tom Cruise’s ashes be shot into space for the movie star’s final resting place. Odin makes a life-size doll of his Lucy out of ground beef for him to hold one last time. The man in charge of monitoring the Methane-Electro Rector decides he no longer cares (or did his S&M shenanigans with another woman kill him) and doesn’t release the pressure built up by the cow manure that powers the town. The methane escapes into the atmosphere and wipes Annville off the face of the Earth.

Jesse, Tulip, and Cassidy were spared when they left town to get French fries. Jesse has decided he has a plan of his own for his life. He is going to go find God (along with the help of Tulip and Cassidy) and help the missing deity if need be, but if God is uncooperative “we’re gonna kick his ass.”

Fiore returns from hell alone and looking heartbroken while the Cowboy rises from the ashes of Annville looking with one thought on his mind, “Preacher.”

Image Courtesy of AMC

Image Courtesy of AMC


Please don’t tell me DeBlanc is dead. I really enjoyed the two angel’s comradery (and possibly love) with one another. Maybe he stayed in Hell to find Eugene for Jesse?

I kind of love those in heaven made the fake God to look like the stereotypical image most people have of him. Like they know people won’t believe the rouse if he looked any different.

Something as absurd as Odin making a child out of ground beef ended up being a really heart breaking moment for me in the finale.

I’m still making my way thru the comics, but I really enjoyed this prequel type set up for the series. It gives the writers a chance to introduce these characters and this world to us in a way that will help the events which will come after make sense. Believe me, things only get weirder from here.

How does anyone not love The Big Lebowski? I guess Cassidy has to have a major flaw in there somewhere.

Image Courtesy of AMC

Image Courtesy of AMC

How far do you think the writers are going to take the Jesse/Tulip/Cassidy love triangle next season?

What did you think of last night’s Preacher? Do you think anyone made it out of Annville alive? How amazing was that shot of The Saint of Killers at the end? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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2 comments on “Preacher Finale – God Almighty!

  1. This was a brilliant episode. So funny! But also so epic.
    This show is not a farce, because it’s too emotionally engaging — we actually care about the characters. But there is farce in there. It’s *funny*. The two mascots; Quinncannon; the fake “God,” and the men in white coats who grab him — it doesn’t get funnier than that.
    The three main characters, Dominic Cooper, Ruth Negga, Joe Gilgun — can you imagine better casting? Heck, no. (The church secretary, the two angels, Quinncannon, even the redneck and the sheriff; also, so good!)
    I’m glad I never read the comic, because I truly have no idea exactly what is going to happen.
    Yes there are other ways to enjoy a tv show, even if you’ve “read the book.” But at least this time, it’s fun to be in the dark.

  2. I´m sorry, but to make any sense in the history, DeBlanc must be dead. Perhaps he may be stuck in hell, helping Eugene to leave. Perhaps Fiore may seek dead to be with his boyfriend. But the bullets of the Saint of Assassins are deadly to all . INCLUDING Angels, Demons, Satan, Genesis and God himself. That is what makes the character so interesting. And looks like it was what appealed the producers in the first place. I´m curious to see how they can adapt the legend of the Saint to TV. I´m sure the comic hell is not appropriate, and deserve many changes. Why the cowboy replaces the angel of death, turning his sword into guns? Or the details may be different on TV?

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