Scream – Lady of the Lake

Audrey and Emma are sent on a scavenger hunt, Maggie and Acosta visit the past, and two lives hang in the balance.

Spoilers for “The Vanishing”

Heart to Heart

While performing the autopsy on Piper, Maggie finds a pig heart in place of Piper’s. Knowing this is a message from Brandon, Maggie and Acosta remember back to the night of the first killings. Maggie came to Acosta to help Brandon after the police shot him. He didn’t die like the story goes. The two of them take the wounded Brandon to his family’s place in the woods. As they take him inside, Maggie notices a hunting knife on it left on the car seat. Maggie and Acosta bury the knife and promise each other to forget everything.

Image Courtesy of MTV

Image Courtesy of MTV

Hoping to find some answers, Acosta returns to the old James house. Inside, he hears someone walking around upstairs. He goes to check it out and finds a hidden bedroom filled with furniture and photos of Emma. When Acosta sees the window open, he assumes whoever was living there escaped out of it.

Outdated Genre References

Thinking he is meeting Zoey on a date at the lake, Noah is stabbed and taken hostage by the killer (who has Zoey’s phone). “Now that you and Zoey have had sex, you’re both on the slasher chopping block,” the killer taunts Noah before stabbing and knocking him out. Noah is buried alive with a live streaming camera on him. He may be alone in the coffin, but he is sure he is not alone wherever he is. He can hear what sounds like Zoey screaming for help coming from outside. When her screams die down, Noah tries to remain calm and preserve his oxygen. He starts to hallucinate Zoey there in the coffin with him. She talks to him in the hours he is trapped. Plans for the prom and after high school, marveling at the idea of them staying together always before fading out completely as Noah starts to pass out from the lack of oxygen.

Image Courtesy of MTV

Image Courtesy of MTV


Audrey and Emma know the killer blames them for the death of Piper and to outsmart the killer, Emma asks Audrey for the truth about why she brought Piper to Lakewood. At first the budding filmmaker claimed she wanted to make a documentary about Brandon James and she went to Piper for help. Emma calls bull on what is obviously another lie.

The two have to band together despite it all when they get a video link sent to them of Noah buried in his coffin. The killer tells them to find what Noah was missing and maybe they will be able to save their friend. Audrey and Emma go to Noah’s room to look at all the things their obsessive friend has on the killings so far. On his murder board, a note stating “what’s really behind Noah’s obsession?” Emma takes to note off the board and on the back is a copy of a letter Audrey wrote to Piper talking about her hatred for her once best friend. How Emma “got pretty” and became a “princess BITCH,” how she and Piper needed to “bring [Emma] down.” Emma pockets the letter and quickly realizes the clue about Noah is behind the murder board.

Image Courtesy of MTV

Image Courtesy of MTV

It is a tulip from the horse stable Emma and Audrey used to play as children. It was where Audrey and Emma first met as kids. Audrey also took Piper there when she was telling the podcaster all about Emma. “She wanted to know about you. She was your sister,” Audrey explains. They two of them rush to the barn and on the way Emma confronts Audrey about the letter. Audrey is cagey at first, but eventually confesses to Emma that she was in love with her. When Emma abandoned her to become popular, it broke Audrey’s heart.

The Set Up

When the two girls arrive at the barn, they find it is held close by a scythe. Audrey grabs the tool and removes it from the door. Inside the barn is a gutted pig which Emma has had dream about. As they are walking around, Audrey receives a video of Jake getting slashed open in the very same barn. Looking for signs of a freshly dug grave, they start to hear sounds coming from under the pig. Audrey grabs the dead animal and drags it out of the way and the two of them start to dig.

They save Noah, but there is more screaming coming from under his coffin. They pull it out of the shallow grave and find a much smaller box underneath containing a cell phone. It is a video of Zoey trapped in a different coffin with water filling it slowly. The three of them rush to the lake, only to find it was a cruel joke. Zoey has been dead the entire time and the video on the phone was prerecorded.

Image Courtesy of MTV

Image Courtesy of MTV

The Frame Up

As Acosta is reviewing the file on Piper, he gets a call from an unknown number. A “citizen” wanting to report sounds of screaming coming from the old horse stables. Acosta arrives to find the pig (now wearing Zoey’s tiara) strung up in the rafters along with Seth Branson’s hand nailed underneath. As the police investigate the scene, they fingerprint the box the cell phone was in along with the scythe.

A Killer Reveal?

Worried about her daughter blaming herself for all the horrors being visited on her, Maggie leaves a note in a secret spot inside of a tree she and Brandon used to communicate with one another. She asks him to leave her daughter alone. As she is walking way, Eli walks up on the tree looking very surprised and confused.

Image Courtesy of MTV

Image Courtesy of MTV


Stavo and Kieran were curiously missing from this episode. Kieran did call Emma while she was looking for Noah, but he was unseen throughout.

Does anyone at the school know Haley is dead? No one mentioned it and it seemed as if school was continuing on as usual. Are the police keeping it a secret?

I don’t think Eli is the killer mostly because he looked way too surprised to see Maggie at the tree. In the promos for next week, it is revealed Eli was at the funeral for Will, but I think he went because he was scoping out Kieran.

I still think Kieran is the killer and Eli knows that as well. Several times Eli has hinted at Kieran’s temper being much worse than has been shown. Eli intentionally provoked Kieran at the carnival to show Emma how violent his cousin can get.

Image Courtesy of MTV

Image Courtesy of MTV

Eli came to town after Acosta received calls about parties at Kieran’s house and he found beer bottles in the trash. Kieran claimed they were not his and he never threw a party at his house. Acosta was forced to call Tina who brought her son with her to check in on Kieran. It was Eli suggestion they stay in Lakewood. He is wanting to prove his cousin is a killer.

So far the killings for this season have been all about setting up Audrey and Emma for murder as revenge for killing Piper or they are a means of cleaning up loose ends:

Jake was killed to have a body to connect to Audrey before the big reveal of his death. Jake’s phone was placed in Emma’s bag after his body had been revealed.

Eddie was killed because he could identify who Piper was meeting with. If he could implicate Audrey, then he could also describe Piper’s accomplice who most likely met her at the hotel as well. The corkscrew used to kill Eddie was stashed in Audrey’s car and has her prints on it. When she tried to bury it, the killer placed it in her bed. As far as we know, Audrey still has the corkscrew somewhere in her room. I don’t think Eddie’s body was meant to be found when it was, the killer could have been saving it for another time to frame Audrey.

Seth Branson was freed by the killer from his jail cell in season one. He could have seen something that could implicate the killer. His hand is now being used to continue to set up Audrey and Emma. I think his body was never meant to be found by anyone, but now that it has, the killer is going to use that to their advantage.

Miss Lang was attacked because she made a recording of Emma threatening her to stay away and the psychology teacher continued to talk about Emma’s instability and violent tendencies. Audrey got the call to come to the school making her the possible patsy, but Lang’s murder was interrupted by the janitor.

Haley was killed not only because she could identify the murderer, but she was being manipulated to make both Audrey and Emma look violent and unstable. Haley set Audrey up with an elaborate prank in the season opener which resulted in Audrey stabbing her friend. She intentionally starts a fight with Emma when the school was on lockdown. She threw a party and put Audrey and Emma’s name on the invitation to make them even more unstable looking. Her death was conveniently timed after Emma is seen confronting her at the party.

Image Courtesy of MTV

Image Courtesy of MTV

Zoey was killed because Audrey clearly had a problem with her being Noah’s main girl. Audrey’s prints are on the box where the phone was found and the tiara Zoey received at the pageant is on the pig’s head at the horse stable. Her death might also drive a wedge between them and Noah, the one person who could obsess enough to find the real killer.

The big question is why would Eli, Kieran, or Stavo want to set up Audrey and Emma? Acosta thinks Brandon James is still alive, are one of these guys helping him?

What did you think of last night’s Scream? Were you shocked by Zoey’s death? Do you think the killer is Eli? Who do you think the killer will go after next to frame Audrey and Emma? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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