The Night of – Following the Bread Crumbs

As the prosecution and the defense follow the events of that night, Naz gets in deeper with Freddy.

Spoilers for “The Season of the Witch”

The Prosecution

A good offense is a good defense, or at least this is what we are all told. Helen and the other DA’s working the case try to determine what the defense lawyers are going to argue at trial. “What do you do when you have nothing?” she asks. Naz had a chance to plea, but didn’t take it. Insanity is not a possibility, pointing the finger at someone else is risky because Naz had a knife in his pocket. According to Box, Naz’s rights were not violated (this could be refutable with a crooked enough lawyer). All that leaves are the drugs, “[if] she drugged him, he’s not responsible.” They need to put in doubt his story Andrea gave him pills and powder to snort.

The doubt becomes easier to create when medical reports from Andrea and Naz come back. They both had booze, MDA, and Ketamine in their system, but also Naz had amphetamines in his. All of a sudden Naz is not as good of a guy as everyone has made him out to be and it opens the possibility of him being the supplier of the toxins. Amphetamines also counter the sedative effects of K. If Naz is on speed, then he couldn’t have passed out as he claims.

Image Courtesy of HBO

Image Courtesy of HBO

Helen charges Box with retracing Naz’s steps from the time he left his house in Queens till the time he is pulled over by the police. Using credit card statements, cell towers, and cameras all over the city, Box sees Naz told the truth up until the moment he walked into her brownstone. Security cameras show Andrea willingly got into Naz’s cab. Helen is ecstatic. Naz had just kicked out two men, but not a woman. He was lying in wait for a victim. Show’s premeditation.

Needing to round out the story, Helen takes the photo of Naz’s cut hand to the medical examiner. She needs to know the wound came from the knife slipping in Naz’s hand as he repeatedly stabbed Andrea and not from cutting his hand breaking into her house to get his keys and jacket after running out. Between him, her, and the poor dead man who has to witness the conversation, the medical examiner can’t say exactly how the cut on Naz’s hand came to be. “Well what if you had to say?” Helen pushes. “Will I have to say?” the examiner clarifies. He gives a convincing statement the wound came from stabbing Andrea, hitting bone, and the knife slipping.

Just one big hitch in the prosecution’s story so far. Trevor is not a good witness. He is the only person the prosecution knows of who can put Andrea and Naz going into her place alone and the DA would like to place him on the stand saying so. Helen questions Trevor where he was going to that night. She needs to know because the defense will ask. Trevor states that it is none of anyone’s business where he was going and he will say exactly that on the stand. Not wanting a hostile, sketchy witness on the stand, Helen crosses Trevor’s name off the list of those to testify. For right now, she is not too worried about it.

Image Courtesy of HBO

Image Courtesy of HBO

The Defense

Alison has shuffled off the case to Chandra and taken all resources the firm could offer away from her. All she has is a small budget to try the case with. Needing help, she goes to John. He negotiates his fee and takes a look at the case so far. Helen was not wrong when she guessed the defense was going to look into the drugs, but John is hoping to find someone he can point the finger at.

Needing to dig further into the murder scene than the police, they hire a forensics investigator, Dr. Katz (Chip Zien). The man takes lots of photos and attempts to stage parts of the house to get Naz or the possible intruder’s point of view. The gate leading to the backdoor of the home (the door Andrea let the cat out of) doesn’t shut properly and there is some blood on the leaves out back. “Could be squirrel blood, though” Katz says reassuringly.

John approaches Andrea’s dealer (pretending to be working with the police) after finding his number in her phone. The waiter/dealer admits he sold ecstasy and ketamine to Andrea that night. “She owe you money?” John probes. The dealer doesn’t work that way. John continues to push to see if he owed anyone outside his landlord. “You owed somebody, that would make what she owed you important… One way or the other, you’re going to testify about the drugs, the money, and, while we’re at it, where you were later that night.” Freaked, the dealer tells John he wants a lawyer. “That’s a good idea,” John advises.

Things go downhill when they see the tox screen on Naz and Andrea. Chandra is shocked Naz lied, John is just angry he believed Naz in the first place. At the prison, the two lawyers confront Naz about the third drug in his system. Naz tries to pass it off as something in his inhaler or possibly in the ecstasy, but John knows Naz is lying. “What college kid doesn’t take [Adderall]?” he pushes. Naz agrees, but it only severs to make him look guiltier. Naz was heading to a party, not staying up to study. College kid uses enhancements for grades argument won’t add up. Then there are the side effects to speed. “You take enough [speed], it makes you psychotic.” Needing to be somewhere else in the prison, Naz cuts the conversation short leaving Chandra shocked and John even more angry.

Image Courtesy of HBO

Image Courtesy of HBO

The only good information they gleam from Naz is there were two men who saw him and Andrea enter her house. Needing to know why Trevor lied and who the second man was, John tracks down the reluctant witness. At first Trevor plays dumb. John pressures he is going to look into where Trevor went that night. There are cameras all over the city, finding his whereabouts is not that difficult to track. To get John off his back, Trevor gives John a name, “Duane” no last name. John threatens to put Trevor on the stand at the trial and accuse him of murdering Andrea making Trevor crack. “Reade” is his last name.

Turns out this second witness has a record of breaking and entering, robbery, and assault. His weapon of choice is a knife. He tracks Duane down at a bodega where he plays dominos. Before John has a chance to question him, Duane runs out of the store. John follows, but loses him in an alley way.


As a gift and for his protection, Naz is given his own room at Hotel Rikers. Another gift is Calvin naked and beaten, ready for Naz to get his shot in. Naz kicks his attacker once and starts to walk away. Calvin mouths off to Naz calling him a derogatory name one doesn’t like to be called in prison. Enraged, Naz comes back and beats Calvin until one of Freddy’s men pulls him off. As Calvin is in the intensive care unit, Naz sleeps soundly. This excites Freddy. He knows Naz has a temper and secrets to exploit.

Image Courtesy of HBO

Image Courtesy of HBO

Freddy starts to give his new friend boxing lessons and even gives him a cushy new job. Freddy also pushes Naz to make his place known within the prison hierarchy. Naz shaves his head to make him seem more tough and takes over the TV room with ease. But all of this comes with a price. A new kid, Petey (Aaron Moten), is having issues with another group inside and needs Freddy. In exchange for protection, Petey’s mother promises to bring three eight-balls of coke in her snatch to her next prison visit. She will pass it on to her son to give to Naz to swallow. Naz balks at first, he knows he will not be able to keep the bags down after swallowing. Freddy doesn’t want Petey to swallow the bags, “that’s way too psychological” and gives Naz some grapes to practice on. Naz successfully completes his task, but not without a word of warning from John. “If you’re caught for this, the case is over, and you’re never getting out of here.”

In the outside world

Not wanting the cat to be put down, John takes the pet in and gives the feline a room to keep it separate from him along with some toys to keep it company.

John’s feet are not getting any better and now the steroids his doctor proscribed him are causing problems in the bed room.

Tariq and Yusuf push Safar to press charges of grand theft auto on Naz to try and get their cab back. Out of guilt, Safar may cave in.

Box is retiring.

Questions, Thoughts, and Theories

There is already a lot of question as to whether or not Box believes Naz is guilty. Has tracing his footsteps and seeing he had told the truth about the night made the detective even more doubtful? He definitely didn’t look happy at Helen’s story about Naz lying in wait for a woman to get in his cab.

There are a lot of parallels between the cat and Naz and their relationship with John. As John is giving the cat its own room, Naz is getting his own cell away from the general population. John buys the cat new toys just as he bought Naz clothing for prison. John is taking on both Naz and the cat even though he would normally stay away from them. John is allergic to cats and doesn’t take cases that go to trial, yet he can’t help but take care of the two of them.

It is pretty obvious Trevor was making himself into a bad witness for the prosecution because he doesn’t want to be called to the stand, but why is he protecting Duane? Is he afraid of the guy like John guessed? Or does Trevor think Duane killed Andrea and is protecting him and himself.

Image Courtesy of HBO

Image Courtesy of HBO

And a nice play on words on the part of the director. The laundry mat has a few words missing making the sign spell out LA DRO. In Spanish, ladro means “bark” as in a dog barking, but it is also slang for snitching like what Trevor is doing with John when he gives the lawyer Duane’s name.

Saul (Fisher Stevens) is the worst pharmacist ever.

Where did all that rage in Naz come from? And why is there speed in his system? I don’t believe he took it to study, he probably would have coped to that when John and Chandra asked him about it. Of course his reasons for cutting the conversation short during the visit could have been entirely drug mule related.

Image Courtesy of HBO

Image Courtesy of HBO

I’m wondering why Naz lied and said there were four bags of coke when there were only three. He even somehow got Petey to agree with him there were four. If I had to guess, it would be a power play thing. He is proving to himself that he can get Petey on his side, but also he is making Freddy’s man dig around in his excrement when he doesn’t have to. Making Freddy wait around for him before getting to indulge in his drugs.

What did you think of last night’s The Night Of? Do you think Naz is trolling Freddy with the drugs? Why do you think he took the speed? Talk to me in the comments section below.

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