Luke Cage Trailer 2 – “I got you”

The latest trailer for the Marvel/Netflix paring has come upon us this morning! Check it out after the jump:



It really doesn’t matter what lives you [hashtag] matter the most to you (and just to be fair, those who constantly hashtag are too “busy” to make an actual difference in the lives they claim that matter, as it is with SJWs), there is no argument that Luke Cage may be the most culturally significant show to hit TVs in some time. Diversity in our entertainment is a necessity. Drugs, gangs, and corruption are real problems those who live in urban areas have to deal with on a daily basis. Seeing people of color stand up and taking back their neighborhoods is paramount. I know I’ve gotten a bit preachy, but blending reality and fantasy in Luke Cage has me very excited.

It is something I want to talk about more at a later time, but I have always felt science fiction and fantasy are the best mirrors of our reality and its problems.

To the show in general, it is going to be great to see the titular character become the reluctant hero and see more of his origins we didn’t get to see in Jessica Jones. Love his description of what happened to him, “I was put in some tank, like an exotic fish. Came out with abilities.” His rising from the tank looked very Weapon X like and is a nice throwback look to the comic book origins.

Image Courtesy of Netflix and Marvel Entertainment

Image Courtesy of Netflix and Marvel Entertainment

This trailer focuses more on his powers of invulnerability much like the SDCC teaser did. Lots of shots of bullets hitting Luke, him stopping cars, crashing thru buildings. Other characters are featured, but not in too much detail just yet. More of a look at Cottonmouth, or Cornell Stokes (Mahershala Ali), being very bad guy like. The shot of him in front of the Biggie painting with the crown is amazing, “Everybody wants to be the king.”

Image Courtesy of Netflix and Marvel Entertainment

Image Courtesy of Netflix and Marvel Entertainment

This time we get to see Detective Misty Knight (Simone Missick) talking with Luke and doing a bit of city cleaning of her own. There is a very brief shot of Alfie Woodard as Mariah Dillard (or Black Mariah as she is known in the comics) talking about the city of Harlem. Not much has been said as to what her role will be in the series outside of her name. Black Mariah is a leader of a gang in the comics, but she looks more like a city council person in the trailer. What is surprising is the amount Claire (Rosario Dawson) that is featured. The Night Nurse like character has been in both Daredevil and Jessica Jones, but she was only used in a handful of episodes and in a much smaller role. She seems like a prominent character here and a possible love interest for Luke.

Image Courtesy of Netflix and Marvel Entertainment

Image Courtesy of Netflix and Marvel Entertainment

A very badass trailer set to the music of Miike Snow’s “Heart is Full” remix and Isaac Hayes’ “Walk on By”.

All 13 episodes of Luke Cage premieres on Netflix September 30th. I will be doing a breakdown of each episode everyday starting that Friday.

Are you excited for the newest Marvel series? Let me know what you think in the comments section below.

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