Westworld Trailer – Do Robots Dream…?

Yesterday, a new and thought-provoking trailer for the highly anticipated HBO drama was released yesterday promising more intrigue, thrills, and sex than the Fifty Shades Darker trailer (also released yesterday) attempted to showcase. Check it out the new Westworld trailer titled “Dreams” after the jump:

The series is looking to take the fascinating concept from Michael Crichton directorial debut from the 70’s and expanding it into Blade Runner (book not movie) like territory. “Have you been dreaming again, Dolores?” Dr. Robert Ford (Anthony Hopkins) asks the android (Evan Rachel Wood). It seems as if something has gone terribly wrong in the adult themed amusement park.

The park itself, known as Delos in the original film, is like a dream in itself. We take a tour of the highly detailed Western World and see glimpses behind the scenes of the park’s inner workings while Roy Orbison croons to us about dreams. This recreation of the old west allows visitors to engage in any delights one wishes to indulge in, but so much more disturbing things are going on behind the curtain.

Image Courtesy of HBO

Image Courtesy of HBO

Will you be paying a visit to Westworld? Or will you just dream of it?

Westworld premieres October 2nd on HBO and stars Anthony Hopkins, Ed Harris, Evan Rachel Wood, Thandie Newton, Jeffery Wright, and James Marsden.

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  1. This looks epic! I was confused as heck about what I’d just watched, yet insanely intrigued, and your clarification made me realize I should order HBO again. Thanks!

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