Passengers First Trailer – I’m Sailing Away

Finally! A look at this movie. I have heard a lot of good buzz over this original science fiction/romance film and this trailer helps to build the hype further. Check out the first look after the jump:

Starting with the romance and great chemistry between the two mega stars, the trailer gives us a glimpse at Preston (Chris Pratt) using a robot he built to ask Aurora (Jennifer Lawrence) out on a date. The tone quickly shifts as the premise is laid out. The two people were traveling on a spaceship to another colony when a malfunction woke them up 90 years too early. Left to pass the time by themselves, the two from a bond.

Of course it is not all sexy dates and down time as the ship starts to malfunction and the couple must work together to save themselves and everyone else who is still asleep.

Image Courtesy of Sony Entertainment

Image Courtesy of Sony Entertainment

With Passengers and Arrival hitting theaters later in the year, this holiday season could be a banner one for thought-provoking science fiction.

Passengers arrives in theaters December 21st.

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