South Park Recap – Wanting to watch the world burn

As Skankhunt42 continues his assault on women thru the internet, the boys at South Park Elementary attempt to put a stop to the person they think is behind it all, and the girls decide to take action that will have repercussions.

Spoilers for “Skank Hunt”

Last week’s season premiere seemed to be a set up for several storylines and was a bit on the scattered side taking on multiple controversies and topics. This week’s episode focused more on the growing malicious attacks of the troll Skankhunt42, Gerald Broflovski.

Most of us wish to believe real internet trolls are sad, pathetic men who live in their mother’s basement. They hate themselves and their lives so much, they take the hate and vitriol out on the rest of the world. Specifically women in many cases. South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone have dropped a much harsher truth bomb upon us all. Many of those trolls out there do not fit that profile. Gerald, on the surface, seems to have no reason for wanting to bully the women and girls of South Park (and the rest of the world) as viciously as he does other than he enjoys the attention he obtains from it. The self-satisfaction he garners allows him to go thru this day happily doing what he does. At night, he indulges in the horrible and hateful thoughts we all have lurking beneath the surface.

Image Courtesy of Comedy Central

Image Courtesy of Comedy Central

I could take this in a more social and political direction and express Gerald is doing this because he is a straight, white, middle class male with a good job. This breed of human is increasingly under attack by everyone else at the moment for simply existing. Or at least this is how they see it. Straight, white, middle class men are under attack because they rule the world and have ruled it for the majority of existence. Now there is a new round of social and civil upheaval by the masses looking to be treated equally. Saying all those hateful things one buries in polite society is cathartic to Gerald. How dare women want to be treated equally and encourage little girls to be more. Gerald will show them. Of course he attacks men too, but I have a feeling the man he was shown trolling on worked for the Turd Sandwich campaign. How dare that man support a woman for President, Gerald will photoshop a dick in his mouth.

Speaking of the campaign, Parker and Stone threw out an obligatory call back to the election during Gerald’s happy montage. I wonder if those two will dive further into the Trump/Pence Garrison/Jenner campaign. I wouldn’t be surprised if they didn’t because there is nothing they could come up with that is more insane than what is going on in reality at this moment and time.

Due to Skankhunt42’s actions, the boys are starting to panic at the idea of retaliation from the girls simply because they are also straight, white, and male. The boys assume the culprit is Cartman because in the past he has created several campaigns of hate towards girls as well as people of other religions and races. After one of the girls at South Park Elementary decides to quit Twitter (in an on the nose metaphor for suicide because if you are not on social media, you might as well be dead), the boys take action and destroy Cartman’s laptop, phone, and tablet so he can no longer exist.

Image Courtesy of Comedy Central

Image Courtesy of Comedy Central

In the end, the boy’s actions meant nothing as they realized while they were destroying Cartman’s social media life, Skankhunt42 was taking on Denmark. The girls make their swift and brutal final play. They hand out notes breaking up with their boyfriends all over the school, leaving a trail of broken hearts and tears.

What will Skankhunt42 do now he has an entire country to do battle with? What are the memberberries up to? Will Scott Malkinson cave in and quite Twitter? Let me know your thoughts on last night’s South Park in the comments section below. And trolls beware, I don’t give a damn what you think, so troll away. (Of course lots of people have to read what I’m writing for that to happen)

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