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The ever doomed Alex and Ryan are sent to The Company to weed out a dangerous faction of spies, in the present a terrorist group has taken control of the G20 Summit.

Spoilers for “Kudove”


For the sake of sanity, I’m going to refer to the CIA training as the past and the G20 Summit as the present.

In the past, after Alex says yes to Matthew Keyes’ (Henry Czerny) offer, she is promptly stuck in the basement of the CIA, but things are looking up when she gets a post-it note with a time written on it. Things are great for her and Ryan and unbeknownst to her, he is about to propose with a ring Alex’s roommate, Shelby, helped him pick out. Fate is a cruel mistress. The time on the note is when her phone call to drop everything and meet at a specific location, ruining Ryan’s proposal, happens.

Fate also has a fun sense of humor. Alex arrives at the super-secret location along with several others that includes the “millennial Tom Clancy” Jeremy Miller (David Call), an actuary, Lydia Bates (Tracy Ifeachor), a mouthy Brit, Harry Doyle (Russell Tovey), a photographer Léon (Aáron Diaz) … and Ryan. Cut to the screaming and fighting between the two lovers in a rundown shack while Miranda and Matthew look on humorlessly annoyed. Henry recruited Alex, who is secretly with the FBI still, in hopes she would be chosen to go to The Farm. After some time had passed and she still hadn’t been given the post-it treatment, he went for Ryan. “The fact that [they are there] at the same time is a coincidence.”

Image Courtesy of ABC

Image Courtesy of ABC

“There is no such thing,” the lovers spit back at him. Matthew scoffs that is nothing more than FBI rhetoric, but I happen to agree with Alex and Ryan. Getting picked at the same time is pretty fishy. No matter, they have a mission and the couple have to pretend they are nothing more than just former co-workers.

Back in the day, the various alphabet government agencies had been able to do whatever they deemed necessary in the name of national security. Now there are several restrictions placed on these agencies and punishments for lines crossed. But there are a group of rogue agents “with their own nefarious agenda” looking to bring back the good times of spying on who they wish and working around that pesky justice system. Alex and Ryan need to find who is recruiting for this faction at The Farm by staying close to the other trainees and try to get recruited themselves.

Off the two go to complete a battery of tests with lead instructor Owen Hall (Blair Underwood). The group gets naked in front of the other candidates (holy drool worth bodies, Batman), lie, lie, and lie some more, get info from other candidates by getting drunk, and doing a HALO jump to prove they can. Alex and Lydia quickly bond over being the only two women being tested. Ryan makes the cut and is top of the “murder board” (overly dramatic name alert). His lying skills are better than his ability to grow sexy stubble and he can charm secrets from a snake. Alex also makes the cut, but she finishes at the very bottom. She is a passable liar, but she nearly flunked out when she decided to play hero. If she ends up at the bottom of the board again, she is out. Turns out Lydia is actually an instructor at The Farm (also the daughter of Owen) and made it look as if her parachute was malfunctioning to see who would allow her to be sacrificed for the good of the mission. Alex can’t help but nearly throw herself out of a plane to save someone she thinks is a friend.

Image Courtesy of ABC

Image Courtesy of ABC

Before moving into their new quarters for training, Alex and Ryan meet back at the shack of secrets to, once again, talk about how they can trust one another when they must always lie for work. Ryan decides proposing then and there is how one proves they are honest, but Alex stops him. She is not saying no, just not right at this moment. Alex promises, “this’ll be the one place we tell each other the truth.”

Obviously the two didn’t spend enough time in the shag shack because in the present, Alex and Ryan, who is a part of the President’s daily briefing team, are meeting at the G20 Summit so she can give back the engagement ring. (I’ve got the over/under on two more times they break up before he even gave her that ring) As Alex is leaving the Summit area, she spots Jeremy walking thru the area and starts taking his photo. She calls her once again estranged friend, Shelby (those two are as bad as her and Ryan), to ask if she will run facial recognition on him. It can’t be Jeremy because Alex killed him (?!?). Soon after, Shelby calls her former friend back to claiming it is some random dude.

A group of trucks surround the buildings where the Summit is being held, and explode. Several men in masks infiltrate the hall where the President is speaking and take everyone hostage including the President, the First Lady, Ryan, and Raina, who is working as a translator. Alex is inside the perimeter, but not the building.

Image Courtesy of ABC

Image Courtesy of ABC

The group call themselves the Citizen’s Liberation Front and they want the President and the leaders of the other countries in attendance to give pardons to those the group deems political prisoners or they will kill the First Lady. If anyone is found trying to infiltrate the building, they will release a biological agent. As quick as you can watch this episode, the President caves to the demands to pardon a prisoner. Of course the CLF immediately behead the First Lady moments after the pardon is in effect because when you give a mouse a cookie…

Before the pardon is given, Alex makes her way inside the building and finds tubs of full of the Front’s uniforms, voice changers, and various other bad guy gear. Before she can make heads or tails of the situation, she is caught snooping by Jeremy who is in full CLF gear. The two fight, and Alex gets the upper hand. Jeremy jumps out the window (I presume to his death) after giving her an ominous warning of not being able to stop what has started.

Who is in the Citizen’s Liberation Front?

First let’s get the super obvious out of the way first. The CLF has to be those rogue CIA agents Matthew and Miranda were wanting Alex and Ryan to sniff out. It is just too much of a coincidence the first person Alex unmasks is a former trainee she killed during a story we have yet to hear. The main mouth piece for the CLF warned Ryan there are more operatives disguised in the crowd. Quickly cut to a shot of Harry, Leon, Lydia, and a yet unnamed agent we saw at The Farm in the crowd. So who else is in the group?

Image Courtesy of ABC

Image Courtesy of ABC

It is curious the name of the episode is the crytonym call sign for the deputy director of the CIA whom we have yet to meet.

Where are the now?

Thru clunky dialogue we learn Shelby is at FBI headquarters writing the yearly Christmas letters, Nimah is busting up cartels in Arizona, Iris is in Miami being a superstar lawyer, Brandon is a behavior analyst, and Caleb is in law school at Berkley.

What did you think of the season premiere of Quantico (or Quan2co according to the title card)? Are you hooked on this season’s mystery? Do you think any of the other surviving season one cast members will make an appearance? Sound off in the comments section below.

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