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The new director is looking for funding, May is suffering the effects from her encounter, Daisy pays Robbie a visit, Mack and Fitz look into a closed down facility

Spoilers for “Meet the New Boss”


Image Courtesy of ABC

Image Courtesy of ABC

The House Appropriations committee is coming to tour the base and the new director, Jeffrey (Jason O’Mara), recruits Coulson to lead the walk through. The former head of SHIELD knows all about the history of the organization (minus the whole Hydra faction inside) and several secrets the former SSR headquarters holds. SHIELD needs for the committee to back the unveiling of the new and improved government organization. With the Accords in place, SHIELD doesn’t get the unlimited funding it once had without lots of oversite and approval. If the United Nations and the US government sign off, Jeffrey has the money to fully enforce the Accords. For the most part the tour goes well. Only one hiccup when one of the gangsters in the containment units freaks out while talking to May and busts his own head open.

About May… Continuing to see the spectral visions over people’s faces has started to get to her. Talking to the gangster doesn’t help as he screams “It’s everywhere!” before bashing his head repeatedly into the wall before Simmons comes in tranquilizes the him. As the tour is passing thru the lab, Coulson notices the commotion. Cornering his friend in the training room, Coulson feigns concern over an outbreak May thinks is happening and tries to lure her to the lab. May catches on quickly and begins to attack Coulson and other field agents nearby. Jeffrey steps in to get things under control and easily takes May out revealing to us he is an Inhuman. He quarantines May and tells Coulson his treatment plan for her is “classified.”

Before all the crazy went down, Fitz and Simmons tried to figure out what is going on with the box they took off the gangsters when Mack comes in with a police report about a ghost being seen in someone’s house. They check the footage from the gangster bust and see what looks like a spirit coming out of the box. After doing his sciencey thing, Fitz is able to track down where the box came from. The Momentum Alternative Energy Labs in Pasadena which has been closed down for some time. Fitz and Mack go to investigate, but they are not the only ones there.

Image Courtesy of ABC

Image Courtesy of ABC

The Ghost who came out of the box was named Lucy. She used to work at the Momentum Labs with a book known as The Darkhold (more on that too below) with a team of people. But one of them, a mysterious Joseph, betrayed them all. How they got into those boxes, no one knows just yet. Lucy frees the other spirits and all but one goes to look for the book to reverse what has been done to them. One stayed behind to destroy the place. After Fitz and Mack come to check out the labs, they are nearly killed by the angry spirit. Thankfully, Robbie and Daisy were also looking for answers in the labs.

After their encounter, Daisy went into full stalker mode and researched Robbie’s entire history. She goes to the garage where he works and poses as a former classmate of Robbie’s to his fellow co-workers. Eventually the two have time to talk alone and Daisy tries to explain how they are both Inhumans. Robbie assures him he is not. Then she drops the magic name of Robbie’s brother and it pushes him over the line. Robbie knocks out and ties up Daisy while he looks thru her research into the Watchdogs and their affiliation with various gangs. She thinks there is something bigger going on behind the scenes and tries to convince Robbie to help her. He sees that she was able to trace some of the goings on to the Momentum Labs and Robbie runs off. He might know how they are connected.

Image Courtesy of ABC

Image Courtesy of ABC

As the ghost nearly blows up the lab with Fitz and Mack trapped inside, Robbie (in full Ghost Rider mode) grabs the ghost and disintegrates him while Daisy frees Mack and Fitz keeps the explosion from happening. Fitz and Mack allow Robbie to leave, mostly because they are in shock at what they are seeing, and try to talk Daisy into coming home. But her mind is already made up to follow Robbie, and this time he is willing to let her in. He thinks he may be the connection between the ghosts and the lab.

Questions, Thoughts, and Theories:

Best line of the night: “You’re an engineer, Mack. And a small tank.” – Fitz

Was Coulson’s line about “so many [Peggy Carter] stories left unrecorded” a dig at ABC for not bringing back the Agents of SHIELD prequel show?

While the new director’s name wasn’t explicitly said other than Jeffrey, at the very beginning, someone did refer to him as Mr. Mace. Jeffrey Mace is a big throwback to older comics. He was a military man who was inspired by Captain America to take on his own superhero personal to take on the Nazis. He became The Patriot and had no superpowers, but he was well-trained in combat and hand to hand fighting. In recent rewrites, he briefly took on the mantle of Captain America while Steve Rogers was frozen in the Arctic. It is going to be interesting how Agents of SHIELD will handle this character.

Image Courtesy of ABC

Image Courtesy of ABC

Thru conversations, we find out Coulson willingly stepped down as director so someone America can trust can be in charge. Steve Rogers is currently hanging out in Wakanda, so the next best option was Jeffrey. So the new director is a public figure which doesn’t surprise me. The way he talks to people makes me think of a politician (no wonder no one trusts him). He seems way too smooth and oily.

So my big question is how and when did Mace become an Inhuman? Why is he so trustworthy in the eyes of the public?

The book the ghosts were talking about, The Darkhold, is also known as The Book of Sins and has a lot of ties to Doctor Strange and Johnny Blaze’s Ghost Rider. Jeph Loeb (the Marvel TV boss) hinted the Marvel Zombies could make an appearance in the season. The Darkhold controlled the zombies that wreaked havoc in the popular comic storyline. I’m pretty excited for this development. This will allow Agents of SHIELD to step into a weirder area of storytelling.

My big question about The Darkhold is will it make an appearance in Doctor Strange?

I’m also quite curious as to how Fitz and Simmons are going to react to the world of magic?

What did you think of last night’s episode of Agents of SHIELD? Did you know who Jeffrey Mace was or did you have to look him up like I did? Are you excited about what The Darkhold will bring to the show? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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