South Park – No one just quits Twitter

This week’s episode seemed to circle back to the premiere with all of the storylines being trotted out once more, except this time there is a thread starting to form between all of them.

Spoilers for “The Damned”

Continuing the saga of Shankhunt42, Gerald has focused most of his efforts on Danish Olympian Freja Oldengaard seeing if he can get enough hate and vitriol thrown her way to make her want to quit social media. But things went a little too far when Freja took her own life. Now Denmark, who is known for their beliefs in mythological trolls, have taken upon themselves to hunt down the internet variety. As the (what I’m assuming to be) Prime Minister of Denmark said, “to get a troll to come out of hiding, you must say its name.”

Now someone has left a message for Gerald telling him they know who he is. In a panic, the lawyer destroys all evidence of his nightly efforts and thinks he could be safe. Until he gets another message telling him to meet this mysterious person the next morning. Who could this person be?

Image Courtesy of Comedy Central

Image Courtesy of Comedy Central

The on the nose references of leaving social media is like death continues when Heidi, who quit Twitter, and Cartman, who was taken out form a friendship. With the exception of a couple funny lines, this relationship seemed to not have any direction until their last conversation when Cartman finally comes out and tells his only friend he is confused about vaginas. Much to Cartman’s shock and delight, Heidi offers to show him hers. Not sure how far this is going to go. Maybe Cartman starts to brag to the boys about seeing a vagina and they don’t believe him because he has no proof?

I was so sure Matt Stone and Trey Parker were not interested in the election because there is no way they can be more absurd than what is going on in reality. Leave it to them to find a way. Garrison double downs on his effort to tank his own election, only to be met with more supporters. He begs and pleas with everyone to not vote for him stating he is “peeing his pants at the thought of being president” and that he is “a sick, angry little man” who will mess everything up. But his supporters only care that he doesn’t sound like a politician. Parker and Stone are simultaneously letting Trump supporters off the hook while pointing out how senseless they sound when that is their only argument.

Image Courtesy of Comedy Central

Image Courtesy of Comedy Central

So many people are baffled as to why Trump has gotten so far while spewing such hateful things and not talking about any concrete plans for what he going to do after he is elected. No one has been able to get this far on so little. But as the show stated, most of us are tired of the government failing again and again, lining their own pockets while the middle class is disappearing, and the rich continue to get rich. Trump, for better or worse, doesn’t talk like a politician and people find that refreshing. He taps into a certain type of people’s fear and just needles into it until we can no longer have civil conversations going on, we can only fight and yell insults. He encourages his supporters to verbally and physically attack a person whose opinion is different from theirs. Randy sums it up nicely when he says “everything sucks.”

While the Trump stand in South Park, Mr. Garrison, is realizing there is no way he can get off this train he has put into motion, the real Trump seems to be doubling down on his ridiculousness. But if Trump feels this way in reality, like Mr. Garrison, is there any way he could put an end to his campaign? It has become this terrifyingly monstrous thing that has now grown beyond him.

Hillary is not made to look any better in this episode. Parker and Stone skewering the career politician on her inability to react like a normal human being. As Garrison begs for people to vote for her, she can only answer with the canned line of “my opponent is a liar and he cannot be trusted.” Garrison at one point voices many other people’s frustration by yelling at Hillary to, “get out of your own way,” and quietly grumbling “why does it have to be her?”

Image Courtesy of Comedy Central

Image Courtesy of Comedy Central

But as things are looking down, Randy may have started to find the thread tying everything together. After asking “why does everything suck so much,” he is met with a shrug and a slice of memberberry pie. Then it hits him. What if the reason why everything sucks is because we are suck looking back and remembering all those things that made up happy as kids? Nostalgia is making things worse because we can’t focus on anything new to possibly get excited about.

The big question is who created the memberberries? Is it the same person who wants to meet Gerald? Or was it the Danish who created them as revenge for Skankhunt42? They did say they already had a plan in place. Or are we going with the standard guess of Crab People?

Image Courtesy of Comedy Central

Image Courtesy of Comedy Central

Best Lines of the Night:

I know I skipped this one last week because there were really no funny one liners. This week there were a couple.

“Most people that quit Twitter leave at least three paragraphs stating they’re quitting Twitter before they quite Twitter.”

When explaining why people are in the park without phones, they are “lost souls who have quit Twitter. Damned to just wander the Earth and hang out and stuff.”

Image Courtesy of Comedy Central

Image Courtesy of Comedy Central

Randy after telling Stephen he is now supporting Garrison only to find his friend doesn’t like him any more:
“What the hell is wrong with people? You don’t just flip back and forth like that!”
Stephen – “You just did.”

“I was thinking again about how women are just as funny as men. And then I realized that the only way to really be sure is to see if African-Americans think they are funny… Because black laughs matter.” – Cartman

What did you think of last night’s South Park? Do you think Garrison will find a way to derail his own campaign? Who do you think found Gerald out? Who do you think created memberberries? Talk to me in the comments section below.

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