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The spy school recruits prove they needs a whole lot of training. In the present, the terrorists play the shuffle game as one trusted friend is shown to not be what they seem.

Spoilers for “Lipstick”

Nothing says we are not a couple like showing up late together for the first day of spy school. After some half-naked, hot (and not temperature wise) yoga, the spies in training start to work on surveillance. Lesson #1, always assume you are being followed. Cue the panicked side glances between Alex and Ryan who were meeting in the Shack of Sexy Times before their meeting with Miranda. Lesson #2, five people work together to spy on one person who is known as the “rabbit.” Four “eyes” take points to form a box around the “rabbit” while a fifth, the “trigger,” is inside the box and directs the “eyes” with glances. Lesson #3, it is best to assume the “trigger” is the fellow trainee looking to hang out while running an errand.


In town grabbing drinks with Harry before opening her spy shenanigans bank account, Alex notices to painfully obvious Ryan following her (sunglasses and a hoodie was her favorite disguise, so of course she is going to spot someone else in it). Realizing she is in the middle of a game and must evade the surveillance before she can get to the bank, she quickly spots Dayana, Léon, and Sebastian making up the other three eyes because they have no idea how to hide. But who is the trigger? At that point I wanted to reach thru my TV and smack Alex on the back of her head. Alex easily loses her eyes, but not Harry who has been the trigger. Alex receives a rare congratulations from Lydia (for figuring out the obvious?), most of the other recruits never even realized they were being followed. Now I’m worried about the competency of the CIA.

As Ryan is tailing Alex, he is easily spotted as a “Jason Borne” by a local (who have caught on to the surveillance games the Farm plays and actively work to spot the spy). The local clues Ryan into Owen following him (seriously are the CIA guys this bad or have the locals become that good?). Owen has singled out Ryan because he knows he can mold Ryan into a super spy if he would just allow for Owen to become his mentor.

Bottom of the murder board is Dayana who was too busy on the phone during the op and allowed Alex to get away. Lydia advises Dayana to “keep her head up” to avoid being spotted, but the human rights lawyer is in the middle of a case she deems more important than what she is learning at spy school (why is she there again?). Finally, Ryan steps in and gives Alex’s roommate a “step out of your comfort zone because they see something in you” pep talk that does the trick. (Could she be the one Ryan is now with in the present? He claims she is “not his friend” when talking to Raina, but he is a master liar.)

Image Courtesy of ABC

Image Courtesy of ABC

At the meeting with Miranda that morning, the former mentor advised Alex and Ryan to not work together on their assignment. “You may be on the same mission, but you are not on the same team” she warns. The two of them are assigned separate handlers who will make contact that day. Alex’s is Shelby who approaches her in town while Harry is still acting as her trigger. The FBI agent tries to play it off as an Alex fan girl looking to get an autograph from “a real American hero,” but not much seems to get past the crafty Harry. He looks into images of Alex and finds her hugging the “fan” at the funeral for Simon Asher.

That night at the Shack of Sadness, Alex gives her roomie (who is thrilled to finally be out in the field) the rundown of her classmates and quickly bursts into tears over how deceitful everyone at spy school is. Then she cries more because Ryan is late. My face now has a fairly prominent palm print on it from the constant face palming. Ryan’s handler is Nimah.

Image Courtesy of ABC

Image Courtesy of ABC

Speaking of the twins, in the present time Raina devises an ill-advised plan to mark the terrorists. Ryan and Raina have been watching the terrorists as they collar everyone with a device that can remotely strangle someone. Realizing the CLF have been cycling people in and out of various rooms, they figure the terrorists are hiding in plain sight by dressing hostages in the uniforms and masks while the bad guys come back dress like normal. The two also find it peculiar six CIA operatives, including Ryan, are at the conference. Harry, Sebastian, Dayana, Lydia, and Léon. When Raina is taken away with another group, she “trips” and grabs on to the terrorist, scratching him. When she is brought back in with the rest of the groups, all of the hostages and terrorist bear the same scratch. “Why didn’t they kill me?” Raina wonders after they realized what she had done. Ryan just gives her a shrug.

Alex, still inside, finds a wounded security guard who knows where a FBI bunker is hidden in the tunnels underneath the buildings. They eventually make it to the tunnels, but the talking and feet shuffling give them away to the roving group of CLF guys. The security guard shoves Alex inside the bunker and sacrifices himself. Alex finds a working landline and calls Miranda. The FBI Director tasks Alex with finding as much intel on the terrorists as possible. Paul, the director of the National Security Council who is curiously in a relationship with Miranda, wants to send in every special forces team from SWAT to SEALs inside to rescue as many hostages as they can. This will lead to several casualties in the process. Good intel on the inside will delay sending the cavalry in blind and hopefully eliminate casualties.

Image Courtesy of ABC

Image Courtesy of ABC

As Alex and making her way back into the danger zone, Miranda is sending a text via satellite phone to a terrorist who found where Jeremy Miller jumped out a window in last week’s premiere. “Alex Parrish is inside.” Well, damn.

Who is in the CLF?

It is safe to assume Miranda is not as she seems, but does that text message mean she is working with the CLF or is the person she sent it to another set of eyes on the inside? Knowing this show it could be either or some other massively convoluted reason.

Image Courtesy of ABC

Image Courtesy of ABC

With the six operatives at the conference, who do you think is working with the CLF? My money is on Sebastian. He just looks too nice and that is always the one who gets ya. Of course Harry is pretty shifty. Léon is show in the past placing bugs in people’s rooms. Could he have been in on it from the beginning?

What did you think of last night’s episode of Quantico? What do you think the episode title means? Last week was the code name for the CIA deputy director (who we still don’t know or have met), what do you think “Lipstick” is in reference to? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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