Black Mirror Season 3 Trailer – What is real?

This morning, Netflix released the first look at the third entry into the anthology series. Check it out after the jump:

This time the streaming company has paired up with show creator, Charlie Brooker, to give us six more episodes of the digital age, Twilight Zone-esc show. If you haven’t seen the show’s previous seven episodes, I highly recommend you go and binge.

Each episode takes on a different aspect of the darker side of technology and media. From the use of social media in a political crisis, digital storage of memories, and hanging on to loved ones who have passed on by using their digital foot print. There is even an episode where a man who voices a popular cartoon character runs for office and gets popular because he calls the opposition a bunch of fakes and crooks (that one strikes a little close to home in the US).

Image Courtesy of Netflix

Image Courtesy of Netflix

I’m very curious to see what subjects are tackled this season. In the trailer it looks like the show will look at social media and how we want people to view us (“Nosedive”), the evolution of gaming (“Playtest”), online predators (“Shut up and Dance”), technological advances in war (“Men Against Fire”), online rage (“Hated in the Nation”), and something set in the 80’s (“San Junipero”). The cast also looks fantastic with Bryce Dallas Howard, Alice Eve, Kelly Macdonald, Jerome Flynn, Ken Yamamura, Madeline Brewer, and more.

Black Mirror season three comes to Netflix October 21st and I will be doing a breakdown of each episode starting with that Friday.

Are you excited for the return of Black Mirror? What has been your favorite episode so far? Let me know in the comments section below.

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