Agents of SHIELD – Lights Out

Several cities are experience blackouts caused by a group claiming to want Inhuman Registration ended, the Watchdogs used to confusion to go on attack.

Spoilers for “Uprising”

A blackout caused by an EMP takes out the city of Miami and a shadowy figure claiming to be a member of “the Inhuman Resistance” is taking responsibility. The figure threatens to take out more cities until the Inhuman Registration is ended. Knowing this will cause panic and riots, Jeffery Mace wants his best team to go to Miami and stop whatever is going on. Which means Mack, Fitz, and Coulson are on the job and Elena is already in Miami for her friend’s bachelorette party.

Except Coulson doesn’t want to go. May is on the verge of death due to whatever the ghost did to her and he is determined to stay and help Simmons. Mace allows for Simmons to go to Radcliffe for help, but he keeps Coulson on the mission to stop whoever is attacking by telling him he would have done the same if he was still director.

At the mad scientist’s lab, Radcliffe and AIDA prepare a machine that can read and display May’s neuro-synapses. As much as is Life Model Decoy could be of use, he has to put AIDA to sleep. He and Fitz haven’t fully perfected all of the glitches and are still keeping her a secret from Simmons. Looking at May’s brain activity, Simmons and Radcliffe notice the center of her brain that controls sleep is creating a lot of activity. May is in a never-ending, waking nightmare and the stress of it will stop her heart.

The two are running out of time before the fear causes May’s heart to stop, Radcliffe devises they stop May’s heart for her and allow her brain to “reboot” while she is “dead.” The plan is very risky. If they don’t get her heart working within seven minutes, there is a chance they can never get her heart to start at all. They go thru with it anyways and as they are about to shock her, the next round of blackouts hits their area. Simmons panicky starts CPR and Radcliff pulls the energy source from AIDA which allows him and Simmons to shock her heart. May wakes up back to normal and very confused.

Image Courtesy of ABC

Image Courtesy of ABC

Meanwhile, word of the blackout in various cities around the world begins to spread as the next blackout hits LA where Daisy and Robbie are attempting to get to the bottom of the connection between him and Momentum Labs. Robbie is worried and needs to find his brother, Gabe, who rides the bus home from school and will be stuck in a bad neighborhood. Since his car doesn’t run on current technology, the two quickly get to his brother in time to save him from a group of trouble makers looking to take advantage of the power outage.

The delinquents make eyes at Robbie’s car and Daisy as she warns them not to do either. Robbie burns the hand of one kid who touches the Charger and Daisy beats the crap out of another who tries to touch her. In the scuffle, one of the thugs tries to hold a gun to Gabe’s head. Daisy uses her powers to push him off, but breaks her hand in the process.

Robbie brings Daisy home with him and Gabe to take shelter while he goes to steal her medical supplies. Before he leaves, Robbie warns Daisy his brother doesn’t know anything about his nighttime activities. But Gabe is a smart kid and quickly deduces Daisy is Quake. He promises not to rat her out as long as she leaves his brother alone. “He needs good people around him.”

Image Courtesy of ABC

Image Courtesy of ABC

After arriving in the blackout zone, all of the equipment the team brought with them (including Coulson’s hand) shut down meaning the EMP wasn’t a single blast, but a continuous pulse which keeps any electronics entering the area from working. The three men set out on foot to the hotel Elena is staying at, but she is in a fairly precarious situation herself.

As she is and her friends are making their way out of the hotel, a group of armed men burst in looking for the Inhuman they know is staying there. A guest who thinks Miami Vice is still the height of cool points to a magician working a party as an Inhuman claiming magic tricks are a gift. The magician tries to explain it is good ol’ fashion slide of hand, not special powers, but the militia men are itching to make an example of someone. As they are about to shoot the innocent man, Elena does her Yo-Yo thing, steals the gun away and hides it before the men realize what happened. As the next guy lines up to shoot, she takes that gun as well, but this time her friend notices what Elena is doing and rats her out to the men.

Before they have a chance to execute Elena (seriously what kind of friend can stand back and watch that, even if she doesn’t like Inhumans that is still her best friend), Mack, Coulson, and Fitz come storming in and the four take out the men. As they are tying the militia grouip up, they notice the men have Watchdog tattoos, military grade tactical gear, and a list of where the Inhumans in the area are. Coulson’s worst nightmare. He knew once the registration started to happen and additional agencies other than SHIELD had access, the names would make it into the hands of those who would do harm.

Fitz uses math and homemade compasses to triangulate the area where the EMP pules are coming from. The four of them find the machine guarded by a handful of armed guards. Elena distracts them, then takes their weapons, and the four of them take the group down. Fitz shuts down the machine and restores power to the city, and Coulson’s hand. The team makes contact with the other teams looking into the blackouts in other cities and power is restored.

Image Courtesy of ABC

Image Courtesy of ABC

Knowing there will be fallout against the Inhumans as the Watchdogs wanted, Coulson advises Mace to go public with SHIELD ahead of schedule. Mace is disappointed to throw out the plan they had in place to reintroduce the organization back to the public, but he knows it is for the best. At a press conference, Mace reveals the blackouts were caused by the Watchdogs to create a panic over Inhumans and announces “an old friend is back in town” to help protect them.

After Mace’s announcement of the restoration of SHIELD, an Anti-Inhuman Politician, Senator Nadir (Parminder Nagra), claims SHIELD is a tool for the Inhumans to take over just as it was a tool for Hydra before. Nadir also claims she has information it was an Inhuman who cased the blackouts. Of course we as the audience know that she was the one behind the blackouts and the global organization of the Watchdogs.

Questions, Thoughts, and Theories:

It was nice to see the show have an exciting standalone episode that focused on something simple, the Watchdogs plight against the Inhumans. Though the story is building to a larger conspiracy, it was nice to show there is more going on than the strangeness of the Ghosts and mysticism.

Image Courtesy of ABC

Image Courtesy of ABC

What is the Senator Nadir’s end game with the Inhumans? As she was leaving her brother’s house she talked to a person who was still in their cocoon. Is this person still transitioning or did she find a way to freeze him?

Gabe is not a dumb kid and clearly he knows something is going on with his brother. I don’t think he knows Robbie sold his soul to the devil, but he knows his brother is up to something and he is worried Daisy is going to drag him further into danger. And who did their Uncle Eli nearly kill that landed him in prison.

I love that Coulson was jealous other people got to meet Ghost Rider and he hasn’t.

AIDA was already quite eerie before, but now that a couple of Westworld episodes have aired, she has become much more creepy. I think for now she is okay with allowing Radcliff to shut her down when he needs to hide her, but I’m expecting her to start swatting flies soon.

Image Courtesy of ABC

Image Courtesy of ABC

What did you think of last night’s Agents of SHIELD? What do you think the Nadir has instore for the Watchdogs? Has Westworld changed how you look at AIDA? Did you roll your eyes when Mace called SHIELD an “old friend”? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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