South Park – Letting It All Hang Out

Tired of being punished for the actions of a few people, the boys of South Park Elementary start a new movement. Gerald is struggling with his double identity.

Spoilers for “Wieners Out”

After the quick hiatus, South Park returns and gives us probably one of the more shockingly funny images we have seen from the show in a long time. Lead by Butters, the boys have decided to rally against their treatment by the girls in a way that suggestive of the #NotAllMen movement on Twitter and is antagonistically male. They protest at the girls’ volleyball game by pulling their pants down during the anthem and display their penises while holing a fist in the air. I’m actually giggling at the ridiculousness of it as I’m typing this.

Image Courtesy of Comedy Central

Image Courtesy of Comedy Central

In one of the more hilarious moments from the episode, PC Principal and his overly aggressive form of tolerance has placed him in a “PC Pretzel” with the boy’s demonstration. While he is happy they are finding a peaceful (yet super aggressive) form of protest, he can’t punish them for whipping out their genitalia because “as a community, we have all decided that people have a right to protest the National Anthem… and the only difference is [the boy’s] protest included physical gestures,” and punishing them would mean “I’m body shaming [the boys].”

In the bigger story of the season, Gerald is suffering from withdrawals from being a troll. His frantic struggle to hid is online identity from everyone around him has him looking for comfort in a memberberries support group lead by Randy and finally getting roped into a golden showers session with his wife. Kyle and Ike looking on horrified might be one of the best moments of the show this season.

Gerald is also dealing with a fellow troll looking for his help. Denmark is building a center where people can submit the anonymous comments from an internet harasser to and get the name, address, and internet history of the offender. While the other trolls are freaking out over being exposed for the crappy people they are when hiding behind the cloak of anonymity, the media has it right in pointing out to the CEO of the site can be used to track anyone down on the internet, not just trolls. This plotline is shaping up to be a lot bigger than just exposing jerks on the internet.

Image Courtesy of Comedy Central

Image Courtesy of Comedy Central

I know there is a setup going on with Cartman, but until they get there, I really don’t care about the relationship between him and Heidi. It has become stale. Overall this episode was more set up for the ongoing story at hand. For the most part, the election was avoided, though there was a “locker room” comment thrown out there. Where the story goes from here, I can only guess.

What did you think of last night’s South Park? Did the boy’s protest shock you? What do you think the ramifications of will be? How hysterical was the “Uncle Kyle” insults? Let me know what you think in the comments section below.

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