Agents of SHIELD – Inhuman Scorned

Coulson and Mack look for answers about the ghosts which teams them up with an unlikely ally, Radcliffe puts AIDA to the test, and Simmons and Daisy try to stop the Watchdogs from killing another Inhuman.

Spoilers for “Let Me Stand Next to Your Fire”

Due to the sheer amount of catch up I have to do after returning from Desert Trip and the cold I came back with, this is going to be short and sweet and jump straight to…

Questions, Thoughts, and Theories:

Season four seems to be the return of the old Phil Coulson, the one we all fell in love with from the films. Out in the field, wearing a suit, and using that charm to get people to work with him.

Conversation of the night:
Mack – “Get in the car. I’m driving.”
Coulson – “Oh, hell no.”
(Nobody touches Lola!)

Image Courtesy of ABC

Image Courtesy of ABC

I love Simmons immediately spotted AIDA as an android and understands why Fitz kept it a secret from her. Though she does seem a little disappointed in being left out of the fun. Fitz’s reaction to Simmons calling AIDA beautiful was just adorable.

AIDA gets creepier every time she is on-screen. Radcliff played a pretty risky game letting her take care of May, but at the same time it is genius. May would never jump to the conclusion she is an android even if she says something strange like “most of me is Chinese” allowing for the LMD to learn how to interact with a person covertly.

Image Courtesy of ABC

Image Courtesy of ABC

What concerns me is the conversation about lying Radcliffe had with AIDA. Maybe it is because years of science fiction telling me artificial intelligence is inherently evil, but I feel like she may end up a big bad in the back half of the season.

Or if the book Eli is reading in prison is any indication, she might want to become a real girl and that could lead to conflict.

FIREWORKS!! Robbie coming out of the fireworks show with the unconscious Hellfire in tow was probably one of the best hero shots so far in season four.

Image Courtesy of ABC

Image Courtesy of ABC

There was some heartbreak when Coulson and Daisy finally came face to face. Coulson just looked like a father who was disappointed in his misbehaving daughter.

While I’m glad the whole team is back together, with the added bonus of Ghost Rider, I’m a little disappointed Daisy wasn’t given more of a chance to grow on her own and return to SHIELD as a more mature leader. Maybe her time alone has taught her the value of working with a team instead of her lone wolf act (which officially got super old as of last night).

I wonder how Simmons is going to get around the Director’s lie detector tests.

What did you think of last night’s episode of Agents of SHIELD? Are you happy to see Daisy back with SHIELD? What do you think of AIDA? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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