South Park – “For Our Schoouul”

Cartman and Heidi have a plan to unite the boys and girls while helping Denmark, but the trolls have other plans.

Spoilers for “Douche and a Danish”

This is going to be a fairly quick recap. Sorry guys, but running a minor fever off and on makes it difficult to make sound observations.

The threads of the different plot lines are finally starting to weave together. The trolls, led by Gerald Broflovski, have taken on Denmark in hopes of stopping the building of Gerald’s plan is brilliant one. To insult Denmark in a way that will make other’s come to their defense and insult other people in the process. Then others will troll and be offended by what the people who support Denmark have said, and so on and so forth.

Image Courtesy of Comedy Central

Image Courtesy of Comedy Central

I can’t help but feel that this is a subtler call out of how Donald Trump’s campaign works. While Mr. Garrison (more on him in a bit) may be the literal stand in for Trump in the election, Gerald is a stand in for how his campaign is run. Trump will troll on immigrants, women, or Hillary Clinton’s campaign by using a mix of actual facts, made up crap, and catchy insults to put his supporters against her supporters. Then Hillary’s supporters start to troll the Trump supporters. Wash. Rinse. Repeat. Those who are in the middle and undecided don’t know what to do because it looks as if it is a group of children throwing massive temper tantrums on both sides. No wonder this election suuuuuuuucks.

The plan to troll Denmark worked as the country had to leave the internet after accusations of funding ISIS (sound familiar?). But Cartman and Heidi have a plan to help the struggling country. After the new and saccharine sweet couple attempted to have the school unite and sell Danishes to help raise money for, they contacted the country directly (using VHS since Denmark is no longer online). What their plan might be, I don’t know. I just hope it all turns out to be Cartman pulling one hell of a prank or else this endeavor will not be worth it.

Image Courtesy of Comedy Central

Image Courtesy of Comedy Central

Mr. Garrison on the other hand is still looking to tank his campaign. Since his horrid comments on immigrants and flat-out honesty hasn’t worked, Garrison has found the out he needed. Lude and sexual comments about assaulting women. Love Matt Parker and Trey Stone’s spot on commentary that this is the line for his supporters. Not when he wanted to “fuck all the immigrants to death,” but his bragging about assaulting a white woman. Say what you want about anyone else, but white women are to be protected at all cost. Just ask Paul Ryan.

Now the Presidential candidate has the whole of his campaign and supporters chasing him around with pitch forks and fire. This was not what he initially promised them. In his escape attempt, Garrison tries to return to teaching, as if nothing has changed (Butters for the win once again this week). Finally, he runs into Randy who is still hosting his Memberberries Support Group.

Image Courtesy of Comedy Central

Image Courtesy of Comedy Central

Here is where the election and memberberries start to come together in the storyline. Randy blames J.J. Abrams and his reboot of the Star Wars franchise for things being as sucky as they are. While I don’t agree with the assessment of Abrams, I do like where Parker and Stone are heading with the memberberries and liking the US to the downfall of the Roman Empire. There is such a creative void that we all would rather starve on memberberries than take the chance of trying something new.

What did you think of this week’s South Park? Sorry for the half-assed write-up, I will make up for it next week. Talk to me in the comments section below. Do you think Gerald is a stand in for Trump as well? What do you think Cartman and Heidi’s plan for Denmark will be?

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