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The season premiere of The Walking Dead, a retirement from directing, and a confirmation of a rumor we guessed earlier this year are just some of the big stories from this week in the geeky world.

Comic Book News:

Writer Chelsea Cain quit Twitter on Wednesday after a group of Neanderthals had their manhood threatened when Mockingbird #8 was released featuring Joelle Jones’ cover of Bobbi Morse/Mockingbird wearing a t-shirt that says “Ask me about my feminist agenda.”  The outcry of support from millions had #StandWithChelseaCain trending on Twitter for days.  Maybe Skanhunt42 is behind the trolling on this one?

Image Courtesy of Marvel Comics

Image Courtesy of Marvel Comics

MCU News:

Thor: Ragnarok has wrapped up filming this week in Australia with a live video on Facebook:

Taika Watiti gave his two stars a nice send off on his Instagram page:

A post shared by Taika Waititi (@taikawaititi) on


I’m slightly burned out on the extreme amount of TV spots for Doctor Strange, but I can’t help but share this adorable one:

DCEU News:

To promote the release of Suicide Squad Extended Cut on Blu-Ray (available December 13th), a trailer featuring a deleted scene (and I’m sure there are many) between Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie) and The Joker (Jared Leto) has hit the web:

DC TV News:

First photos of Dichen Lachman as Roulette hit the web.  Supergirl episode “Survivors” airs Monday, October 31st.

Image Courtesy of The CW Network

Image Courtesy of The CW Network

November 1st sees The Flash’s Caitlin (Danielle Panabaker) seeking out her mother for answers in an episode ominously titled “Monsters.”  First photos of Dr. Tannhauser (played by The Vampire Diaries’ Susan Walters) have also been released.

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Star Trek News:

Bryan Fuller has stepped down as showrunner for the highly anticipated, but much delayed Star Trek: Discovery.  Fuller will still break stories for the series (when it finally premieres), but executive producers Aaron Harberts and Gretchen Berg will take over as showrunners.  There was some tension between execs at CBS and Fuller due to his jam-packed schedule.  The EP also helms Starz’s American Gods and the reboot of NBC’s Amazing Stories.

Akiva Goldsman (Fringe) has joined the cast in a high level role.

A blooper reel filled with the cast cracking up and making weird sound effects hit the interwebs this week in promotion of Star Trek: Beyond’s DVD release (available November 1st):

X-Men News:

David Leitch is rumored to be Tim Miller’s replacement as director for Deadpool 2.  Leitch’s previous film, John Wick, was a badass action flick that surprised audiences with how good it actually is, so I’m rooting for this gossip to be true.

TV News:

Sherlock season four has (finally) set its premiere date for January 1st for both BBC One and PBS.  Nothing like a series of deductions to help you recover from that nasty hangover:

The entire world freaked out over the premiere of The Walking DeadSPOILERS AHEAD.  The death of Abraham (Michael Cudlitz) was somewhat expected from fans of the series, but when Glenn (Steven Yeun) was killed (in the same manner as he was in the comics by the way), there was a loud cry of “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” heard ‘round the world.

(And those were some of the tame ones)

Don’t worry, Conan O’Brian took pity on the two actors and gave them jobs at Conan:

The CW Network renewed three of its shows this week.  Whose Line Is It Anyways has been given a fifth season, Penn & Teller: Fool Us and Masters of Illusion for their fourth outings.

ABC has cut the season order of their struggling freshman drama Notorious from thirteen to ten.  Next step, cancellation.

Fox’s Making History (premiering mid-season) has had their order cut from thirteen episodes to nine.

Spike TV has picked up the Waco miniseries which stars Taylor Kitsch (True Detective) as David Koresh, the Branch Davidians spiritual sect leader.  Premiere date has not been announced yet.

The Muppets are coming back to TV.  No, ABC is not reviving the less than stellar The Muppets.  The animated show Muppet Babies have been given a CG reboot on Disney Junior and will premiere in 2018.

Image Courtesy of Walt Disney Television

Image Courtesy of Walt Disney Television

Comedian Jim Gaffigan (The Jim Gaffigan Show) will be joining the cast of Fargo season three as a police deputy Donny Mashman of the Eden Valley PD.

Jennifer Lopez will executive produce and star in NBC’s Bye Bye Birdie Live! over the 2017 holiday season, making me question how in the hell are they going to auto-tune her live?  Lopez will play Rosie, the secretary and long suffering girlfriend to Conrad Birdie’s manager, Albert Peterson.  Janet Leigh was Rosie in the 1963 film, Dick Van Dyke was Albert.

New Movie Trailers:

Night Shyamalan’s new thriller Split gives us a second trailer:

The robot killing machine Sci-Fi thriller Kill Command gets a new trailer announcing a United States release date:

Ice-T stars as a gangster in the prohibition-era supernatural thriller Bloodrunner.  Part of me is not sure this is a real movie, but the premise is weird I had to share it:

Movie News:

This weekend of the box office, the latest Tom Hanks/Ron Howard vehicle Inferno performed much lower than expectations.  Debuting at number two, behind Boo! A Medea Halloween, making a meager $15 Million in ticket sales.

After the nightmare that was Fantastic Four reboot and his unceremonious ousting from the Star Wars franchise, Josh Trank has come out of his hidey hole and is working on a gangster film, Fonzo, which will star Tom Hardy (Peaky Blinders, Legend).  Hardy will portray Al Capone in the last days before the notorious gangster’s death at the age of 48.

Images Courtesy of Universal Pictures and

Images Courtesy of Universal Pictures and

Margot Robbie (Suicide Squad) has joined the star-studded cast of Peter Rabbit.  Her voice will join James Corden (Into the Woods), Domhnall Gleeson (Brooklyn), Rose Byrne (X-Men: Apocalypse), Daisy Ridley (Star Wars: The Force Awakens), and Elizabet Debreki (The Man from U.N.C.L.E.).

A new clip from Moana features Dwayne Johnson singing (and he is not that bad, but auto-tune may have something to do with that):

Confirming what we guessed earlier this year when 10 Cloverfield Lane hit theaters, J.J. Abrams has announced God Particle (coming to theaters February 24th) is another entry in the Cloverfield anthology and he is working to release a new film in the series each year.  Look for a trailer (and a possible title change) sometime in the next month.

New Clips from Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them show off more creatures and gives us more magic:

The long-awaited sequel to the 2004 Pixar hit comes a year earlier than expected.  The Incredibles 2 will arrive in theaters June 15, 2018.  The film switches release dates with Toy Story 4 which will now arrive in theaters June 21, 2019.

Disney is teaming up with rapper/producing mogul/actor Ice Cube (Ride Along) and Hamilton director Tommy Kail to create a modern retelling of Oliver Twist.  Not sure how I feel about that one just yet, but it will be interesting to watch.

Uwe Boll, director of some classically horrible films such as BloodRayne series, Alone in the Dark, and In the Name of the King: A Dungeon Siege Tale, has answered the prayers of many and announced he is retiring from directing.

Image Courtesy of Boll KG Products

Image Courtesy of Boll KG Products


Vine, the social media outlet that allowed people to film and post six second videos, has been shut down by Twitter.  The internet is not happy:

In a perfect parody mashup of Stranger Things and A Charlie Brown Christmas, YouTuber OnlyLeigh gave us A Stranger Things Christmas:

Screen Junkies got Honest with A Nightmare Before Christmas:

Did you watch the season seven premiere of The Walking Dead?  Did you cry when [SPOILERS] were killed off?  Are you ready for Doctor Strange to hit theaters this coming week?  Are you ready to pick up your copy of Suicide Squad Extended Cut?  Will you miss Vine?  Talk to me in the comments section below.

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