Quantico – Bad Deeds and Strange Bedfellows

Owen teaches the recruits how to stage a crime or clean up after one. Alex works to evade the CLF.

Spoilers for “KIMFORGET”

Determined Alex and Ryan are up to no good, Harry continues to stalk the couple and catches them as they leave Lee’s room after an unproductive search. He threatens to out their side activities, but first the three recruits are kidnapped and staged to look as if they spent the night together. How sexy was that image early in the show?

Before he caught up with Alex and Ryan, Harry finished his “date” with Will who is feeling a bit insecure after Julian/Harry only booty calls him. The mysterious Harry uses the hook up time to block calls from Shelby and record Will’s voice to use later in piecemealing a recording to leave on Shelby’s voicemail as a tactic to flush her out as Alex’s handler.

Image Courtesy of ABC

Image Courtesy of ABC

Owen starts on the more illegal areas of the CIA training. How to frame someone for a crime and how to cover up one. The assignment for the night is to spy on a reporter who is suspected of leaking secrets and break into his room to find evidence. All of the recruits on assignment are given a get out of jail free card in case they are caught. But if they use it, they are not to return to The Farm. Harry volunteers Alex, Ryan, and himself to search the room to have alone time to question the two FBI agents. Léon has a separate mission to doctor a photo of the married reporter to look as if he is having an affair.

The reporter was an old friend of Owen’s before he published the spy’s name and permanently sidelining him. Outing the name of an active agent was a mistake, the reporter was given information Owen was retired. Owen uses Léon’s doctored photo to blackmail the reporter into giving him the name of the source who gave him Owen’s name.

Image Courtesy of ABC

Image Courtesy of ABC

The CIA instructor is quite busy that night. He set up the room Alex, Ryan, and Harry were to search as a murder scene which included items they have touched through their training that morning. The trio have thirteen minutes before the police show up to remove all evidence they were there. Wanting to beat Owen at his own game, Harry sets out to steal the instructor’s wallet to put the room under his name while Alex and Ryan clean up.

It was all a rouse to get Harry out of the room so Alex, Ryan, and Nimah (who came to the hotel with Shelby to figure out why Will called her) can put the room under Harry’s name. The Brit is carted off by police leaving the agents to believe he was going to use his bail out card and leave The Farm. But were any of you shocked when the charmer walked back in the training house? Harry didn’t need to use the card to get himself out of trouble, thus he is still a CIA recruit. At the local pub, Harry presses the two to confess they are still FBI agents. Ryan eventually figures out Harry is MI6 and at The Farm in an exchange program. Now they need to call Miranda to explain what is going on to Harry.

Shelby is being dumb again and I find myself not caring. To be fair, I would have a difficult time not hitting on Léon either.

Image Courtesy of ABC

Image Courtesy of ABC

In the present, Miranda is panicking about what to do next. The hacker she handed over to them killed himself before their plan was fully implemented. She tells a suspicious Shelby to get Will, who works at a think tank in the city, and bring him to her off site to do some unofficial work for the FBI. Shelby goes to Will and tells him about the email she got from the hacker before he was handed over. She needs him to confirm what it said about Miranda is true. Will does his thing and tells her Miranda is clean. But Will is covering for Miranda and tells her he is in with whatever she is doing.

Alex runs around to avoid being picked up by the CLF. Using the confusion and split groups, Alex gets the jump on one group, killing one and stealing a sat phone. Eventually she is caught after the group cuts the lights and use night vision to find her stumbling around in the dark. Before they can execute her, a woman in a CLF uniform speaking Hindi kills Alex’s would be executioners and frees her. As Alex is making her way out of the area the CLF is searching, she runs into Lydia.

Image Courtesy of ABC

Image Courtesy of ABC

Who is the CLF/AIC?

I’m thinking the woman who saved Alex was either Miranda, Lydia, or Nimah. We still don’t know where she is in the current timeline. That could be why Raina was not killed when she attempted to mark a CLF member.

Does anyone else get the feeling the group is not the actual bad guys? After getting over the initial reveal that Miranda is in whatever plan this is, it occurred to me the group might be doing something good by doing something really bad. Maybe Miranda was warning the CLF about Alex because she could possibly ruin their plan?

It doesn’t explain why the First Lady was executed on live TV, but maybe there is more to that story as well.

Image Courtesy of ABC

Image Courtesy of ABC

Will joining Miranda and the CLF is what really made me think about what is going on. The former FBI recruit tends to see things in black and white. So, he has either gone full anarchist, or he knows the CLF is attempting to do something good.

Lydia’s unexpected turn up does look suspicious. She doesn’t look like she is on the run from the organization when she and Alex find each other. She looks like a CLF member caught out of uniform.

Ryan said Harry was not CIA, but is he still MI6 in the present timeline?

Will Harry work with Alex and Ryan when he learns the reason why they are at The Farm? Who do you think save Alex’s life? What do you think of Miranda’s role with the CLF? Do you think there is a possibility the group is actually the good guys? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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