Wonder Woman Trailer 2 – Fisticuffs

Diana has come to save us all in the exciting new trailer for the next DCEU film. Check it out after the jump:

The latest look at Diana Prince’s solo outing is packed full of action and just a hint of romance between the Amazonian warrior and her friend, Steve Trevor (Chris Pine).

The trailer starts in the current time with Diana (in voice over) stating she “used to want to save the world” while looking at the same photograph we saw in Batman v Superman, “but the closer you get, the more you see the great darkness with in.” The trailer then flashes back to her time on Themyscira during World War I when her island home is invaded and we are left to assume she lost someone she loved.

Image Courtesy of Warner Bros Entertainment

Image Courtesy of Warner Bros Entertainment

The rest of the trailer is a series of jump cuts showing off more action as Wonder Woman defects bullets using her bracelets and Trevor looks on amazed.

But it is not all action and things blowing up. The trailer ends with an awesomely adorable moment with Etta Candy (Lucy Davis) helping Diana find some appropriate clothing.

Wonder Woman hits US theaters June 2, 2017.

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