Quantico – Tightening of the Noose

On the anniversary of a friend’s death, Alex and Ryan, along with the rest of the recruits, struggle with the idea of taking a life. In the present, the hostages try to figure out why they are still in the custody of the CLF.

Spoilers for “Aquiline”

While at The Farm, the recruits are given files on one person who was a candidate for a drone strike several years before. The group must comb thru the case and come to a unanimous decision as to whether or not they would order a drone strike against the suspected terrorist. The group comes to a collective yes, but when Owen takes the trainees to a field trip to Langley, they must use the information he gave them to make the decision for real. Because when the CIA is debating using a controversial method of taking out a suspected terrorist, they are going to allow a bunch of newbies to make the decision.

Image Courtesy of ABC

Image Courtesy of ABC

At Langley, Harry corners Ryan about why the FBI are at The Farm. Alex and Ryan have been stalling the Brit spy for a few days, but they need a cover story. Thanks to Sebastian, Ryan learns Harry’s boyfriend killed himself. Nimah and Shelby help to craft a cover story about the FBI needing to investigate a suspicious death within the CIA that look like a suicide. Harry sees right through the cover, advising Ryan not to use a story he made up to pull one over him. Too bad Seb was listening in on the conversation. Later that night, Harry attempts to apologize to Seb, telling him he was actually lying to Ryan, but his roomie has already frozen him out.

Faced with the reality of actually taking a life, Alex, Seb, and Leigh keep the group from reaching a unanimous decision. Harry, Léon, and Dayana bully and coerce Leigh and Seb into changing their minds. Alex remains the only hold out. She feels the group doesn’t have the all the information and can’t make a reasonable conclusion without it. She knows the pain of making bad choices which cost other people their lives. Ryan and Harry pull her aside and she tells them her instincts keep telling her no. Ryan and Harry elect to side with her and change their “yes” to “no” as well.

Since the recruits don’t reach a unanimous decision, the drone strike is off. That is until Owen overrides them all and the group watches as the suspected terrorist’s house blows up. Owen assures everyone the man was guilty as sin and he withheld information to keep their evaluation from being an easy one. He just wanted to see if the recruits can live with the decisions they make. Leigh takes stock of what it will mean to be a CIA agent. She doesn’t want to become the monster in the stories she reads to her kids at night. Dayana reassures her with the CIA she will become the princess that battles the monsters.

Image Courtesy of ABC

Image Courtesy of ABC

Elsewhere in the past, Shelby and Léon are getting it on and Nimah finds out about it. The twin thinks they can talk to Miranda and so Shelby can use the closeness to the sketch spy in training to get information about the AIC. Meanwhile, the handlers, Alex, and Ryan have their own private ceremony for Simon at his grave site (an official one was held that morning). Owen has Lydia use her clearance look into the aliases the reporter gave him to find out who burned him. She finds the names, but refuses to give them to her father. Fed up with his obsession, Lydia tells her father he couldn’t make it as an agent now and should just be happy to spend time with her.

In the present, Raina finds Léon, Dayana, Leigh, Harry, and Seb in the hostage’s room. The group tries to figure out why they are still there. After a lot of accusations, yelling, and rehashing of not-so-fun-times at The Farm, Leigh lets it slip she was in Surabaya on a layover to Jakarta. One of the hostages who claimed to be a reporter yells, “it’s her” and the CLF come and take Leigh away. She is brought back to the room a while later and says they only asked her a bunch of questions about Surabaya. Then the wire noose around her neck tightens, killing Leigh. Dayana grabs Raina out of fear, telling her she was in the same country and doesn’t want to die. Cue the CLF dragging off Raina and Dayana. As the CIA agent is dragged into one room, Raina is pulled into another. But it is not Raina, it is Nimah and she is working with the CLF to figure out who it is they are to be looking for.

Lydia and Alex work together to find a bank vault which contains computer drives with sensitive information on them. The Summit delegates brought the data as an offer of good faith. The CLF is after the computer disks and were using the hacker to decrypt them (which didn’t work out too well for them). Lydia found out the CLF’s plan because she speaks Swahili. She needs the satellite phone Alex stole which has the codes to the safe on it. Alex agrees to help, but only after Lydia’s collar begins to tighten and Alex has to remove to save her.

Image Courtesy of ABC

Image Courtesy of ABC

The two get to the safe and find the computer disks. Alex goes to destroy them when Lydia stops her and knocks her out. When Alex comes to, she is secured to one of the open vaults and Lydia has the computer disks pack up. The CIA agent used a trigger device she stole from the CLF member to tighten her own collar and gain Alex’s trust. Lydia was actually trying to secure the disks from the CLF and throwing Alex under the bus was a nice bonus since Alex was the reason Owen went to prison (?!?!?!?!?!?!?!). As Lydia is leaving, she pulls the fire alarm.

What the frack?

We were given a lot of information last night, and not a whole lot of context to go with it.

  • Owen is in prison and Alex sent him there, but did it have to do with the AIC or something else?
  • Lydia kicked Alex out of The Farm after Owen was imprisoned and took Ryan under her wing. Is this why the two broke off their engagement?
  • Why was Leigh killed and what does Surabaya have to do with it?
  • Why does the CLF want Dayana? What is she a part of?
  • Now we know what Nimah has been up to in the current timeline, but why is she working with the CLF?
  • The CIA must have known about the attacks, which is why Lydia was at the Summit, right?
  • Where is Ryan in the current timeline? Is he in one of the CLF masks or is he on Lydia’s side?

Is anyone else seriously confused?

Talk to me in the comments section.  Do you follow what is going on?  What “them” do you think Dayana is and Leigh was a part of?  Why do you think Owen went to prison?

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