Doctor Strange Questions, Thoughts, and Theories

Warning!  This post is all about the spoilers for Doctor Strange and other movies in the MCU.  Also, possible spoilers for future films.  I have some theories about the upcoming slate of movies and could be spoilery in nature.  Please do not continue on if you do not want spoilers.  I may have not used to word spoilers enough.  Spoilers, spoilers, spoilers.  Thank you!

So now you have seen the latest film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and you find wondering how magic will shift how these films work as well as how Stephen Strange will become an Avenger.  I’m wondering the same things myself and I have a few theories.

Image Courtesy of Marvel Entertainment

Image Courtesy of Marvel Entertainment

How will Stephen Strange fit in The Avengers?

The mid-credits scene sets up Strange’s cameo in Thor: Ragnarok.  The scene was directed by Taika Waititi and is rumored to have been lifted directly from the upcoming Thor threequel.  In Infinity War, it will most likely be the God of Thunder who will suggest bringing in Strange to the Avengers in order to combat Thanos.  Especially since he is wearing an Infinity Stone.  Or Strange will go to the Avengers to seek Thor’s help when Thanos attempts to or succeeds in getting the Time Stone.

Will Stephen Strange be the Newest Leader for The Avengers?

Short answer.  No.

Long answer.  I’m not sure, but I don’t think he will be.

Longer answer.  Right now, the leader of the Avengers is Tony Stark (because Steve Rodgers gave the mantel up at the end of Civil War).  Both Robert Downey Jr. and Chris Evan’s contracts are done at the end of the fourth Avengers film.  Both actors have expressed interest in making cameos or playing smaller roles in upcoming MCU films, but have not explicitly said they wanted to helm another solo film for their characters.  By the end of Phase Four, there could be a vacancy for a team leader.

Image Courtesy of Marvel Entertainment

Image Courtesy of Marvel Entertainment

I really think Marvel wants to shake up the status quo and keep the film franchises as diverse as possible.  With this in mind, Kevin Feige might look to make Captain Marvel become the new leader of the Avengers instead of going with the resident Older, White Man in Stephen Strange.  In the comics, she is currently leading one side of Civil War II factions, it would make sense she could be the next leader for the group of superheroes.  Especially if they are building to another Civil War story line.

How will Magic affect the MCU?

I love the idea that the Ancient One, Mordo, and Wong, along with the other sorcerers in Kamar-Taj have been fighting metaphysical evils while The Avengers have been combatting the physical threats.  I think when the other Avengers find out there is this whole other level they have never thought about before, it is going to cause one hell of a ruckus.  Especially for people like Stark and Banner who have dedicated their life to science.  Maybe Vision as well since he is an android.

In terms of storytelling, magic and multiple realms of existence frees up the writers to bring in popular comic titles such as Marvel Zombies (producers of Agents of SHIELD have been hinting at the possibility of this), Ultimate Marvel, and Marvel 2099.  The films and TV shows could end up resembling the comics a little closer in terms of alternate universes and new timelines.  Maybe they can even cast a spell that will make the executives at 20th Century Fox more amenable to a deal with Marvel that will allow the Mutants and Fantastic Four to be used in future films!

Image Courtesy of Marvel Comics

Image Courtesy of Marvel Comics

How it will affect Phase Three could be more along the lines of brining Quicksilver back to life, resurrecting any characters that are killed in Infinity Wars, and fighting Thanos.

Easter Eggs:  What is a Marvel film without some little clues from comics and other films sprinkled throughout?

Obviously, the Time Stone.

There is a reference to an Air Force Cornel who has twisted his spine while using an experimental armor.  While it could be a reference to Rhodes’s accident in Civil War, given the beginning of movie starts much earlier in the MCU timeline, it could mean the person is actually one of the people testing out Justin Hammer’s attempts to copy Stark’s Iron Man tech (as seen in Iron Man 2).

The book Stan Lee is reading during his cameo is called The Doors of Perception which is a philosophical account about the author’s, Aldous Huxley, experiences with mescaline.  This is a very wonderful nod to the psychedelic nature of the movie’s visuals.

The visuals themselves are spot on representation of Steve Ditko’s artwork on the Doctor Strange comics.

Image Courtesy of Marvel Entertainment

Image Courtesy of Marvel Entertainment

I’m not nearly as familiar with the Doctor Strange comics as I am other characters, so all the little references to sorcerer relics are a bit lost on me.  Some I liked and have been pointed out to me by another fan friend of mine are:

While the Cloak of Levitation has some sentient nature to it, it doesn’t have a full-on personality as it does in the movie.  This could be a nod to Aladdin (Marvel is owned by Disney).  The magic carpet in the animated movies very loosely based on a tale from One Thousand and One Nights has the same type of personality as the cloak.

Wong wields the Wand of Watoomb in the final battle with Kaecilius.  The Wand can be used to project and absorb mystical energy, create force fields, control weather, and contains healing powers among other things.

Image Courtesy of Marvel Entertainment

Image Courtesy of Marvel Entertainment

The Staff of One is seen used by Tina Minoru.  The Staff can cast any spell the user imagines.  Tina Minoru is the mother of Nico.  She is a predominate member of the Runaways and the character will be featured in the upcoming TV show based around the comic coming to Hulu.

The protector of the New York Sanctum Sanctorum is Daniel Drumm.  His twin brother is Jericho Drumm who becomes Brother Voodoo in the comics after the death of Daniel.  Jericho calls upon the spirit of his brother to help him occasionally.  I don’t know if Marvel will ever use this character.  The name can be potentially seen as offensive.  The writers could have been using Daniel as a nod to Jericho, who has taken over as Sorcerer Supreme in the comics.

There are so many others, but they are just quick little things seen within the New York Sanctum.

Image Courtesy of Marvel Entertainment

Image Courtesy of Marvel Entertainment

What did you think of Doctor Strange?  Was there any Easter Eggs I missed that you enjoyed seeing?  How do you think Stephen Strange and magic will affect the MCU?  Do you think Strange will be made the next leader of the Avengers?  Talk to me in the comments section below and feel free to post as many spoilers as you please.

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