Quantico – Enhanced Techniques to Confuse the Audience

Owen teaches the recruits how get information from a suspect, but someone else at The Farm makes for a better instructor. Alex is captured by the CLF.

Spoilers for “LCFlutter”

At The Farm, Alex becomes paranoid when she is left out of a meeting between Ryan, Nimah, and Miranda. She and Shelby walk into the safe house as the three others were are already deep into discussion. Everyone keeps telling her it is nothing, but it definitely does not feel like nothing. The next mission is to break into Owens house after the CIA uncovered a set of blueprints that show a hidden room in the instructor’s house. Since Alex managed to make a connection with him last week, she will take point.

Image Courtesy of ABC

Image Courtesy of ABC

In the meantime, the recruits move on to the torture phase of their training. Owen shows each trainee a different method of enhanced interrogation that still falls within the parameter of what the Geneva code says is not torture. But the veteran operative takes things a step too far when he challenges his students to get his alias out of him. Until they can get his name, the training does not move forward. The recruits play by the rules and use all the methods he taught them, but more than a day later and he is still holding strong.

Eventually it is meek little Dayana speaks up (after Ryan badgers her about her past) and tells them exactly how to get the name out of Owen. The human rights lawyer grew up in Harare and her family did some horrible things in that country. To break the mighty Owen, the group must torture someone he cares about, Lydia. Sebastian, Ryan, and Léon are all about it, Harry and Alex object. Alex tries to warn Owen they group is going to go too far, but Owen tells her that unless the person torturing you is a total sociopath, then using the techniques also has an effect on the torturer. Knowing this information is how one resists the pain. But Owen doesn’t resist for too long as watching his daughter getting waterboarded is too much for him and he gives up his name.

Image Courtesy of ABC

Image Courtesy of ABC

Other goings on at The Farm. While submerging their instructor in an ice bath, Alex gets ahold of Owen’s house keys. At the house, she finds the false wall holds a laptop and cellphones. Before she can fully inspect, Harry calls to warn her Lydia is on her way to the house. Harry quickly distracts Lydia while Alex puts the equipment back and climbs out the window. Afterwards, Alex let the MI6 agent he will be needed when she goes back for the info. Shelby and Nimah create a cover for Jane Foster, the scientist who is studying the convergence Shelby’s alias for her affair with Léon. Ryan wakes up in the middle of the woods with a ringing cell phone. When he answers, he is told he is chosen.

In the present, Alex knows she is about to be found by the CLF and manages to get Shelby a partial number to the satellite phone the CLF has been using to communicate with someone on the outside. After Alex is captured, the CLF attempt to get information out of her by using a hostage to beg her for the whereabouts of the disk drives Lydia got away with. Alex doesn’t believe the hostage is really a hostage until the CLF shoots him in the head. The terrorist organization brings in Dayana and tortures her in front of Alex and eventually breaks her. She tells them about Lydia, but she also gets them to turn off the signal jammer to find the CIA agent. This allows the FBI to not only find out where everyone is inside the hostage center, but find the satellite phone someone on the outside is using to communicate with the CLF.

Thank goodness Miranda found out about Alex’s call to Shelby and the partial cell phone number. She planted the phone on her lover boy at the state department and he is taken away when it is pinged. As all this is happening, the president decides he is going to step down in the way of his wife’s brutal murder and Claire Haas is going to be president of the United States.

As Alex is apologizing to Dayana for allowing the torture to go on as long as it did, Léon, Sebastian, and Harry bust in. Léon faked a seizure and the three men over powered the guards. The five of them head to Alex’s bunker to patch up Dayana and figure out their next move.

Image Courtesy of ABC

Image Courtesy of ABC

Who is the CLF?

I’m going to be honest with everyone here. After the winter finale in two weeks, I’m going to no longer cover Quantico on this site. Part of it is because the show has become too contrived for me and playing detective is no longer fun. Part of it is also because I’m going back to school in January and I will have less time to cover all the shows and movies I wish to cover.

If you would like to pick up the ball where I’m leaving it, I am open to another writer coming in and taking over recaps for this show, or another one you would like to cover. I can’t pay you, but for those looking for some exposure and practice, this could be a good jumping off point. If you are interested, email me at nerdling2882@gmail.com.

In two weeks, after the Winter Finale, I will do a final recap and maybe post a couple of theories about how the rest of season two will go.

Since the show has me a bit confused as to what in the hell is going on, I don’t have too many theories at this time. I will say the big horrible betrayal they teased will happen in the last five minutes, that is going to be the reveal Ryan is CLF and has been in on it the entire time. It is just a bit too obvious and he has been missing from the present story line for too long.

What did you think of last week’s Quantico? Were you squirming in your seat watching all those interrogation techniques? What do you think the big betrayal will be? Talk to me in the comments section below and if you are interested in writing for the site, email me at nerdling2882@gmail.com.

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  1. Until I saw the un-aired footage of Harry, Sebastian and Leon about to overtake the CLF guards, I could have swore that they were CLF and the ones doing the torturing in front of Alex. Sebastian, in the Farm flashback as lead inquisitor of Owen, felt the same as the lead guy using all of the instruments. Agreed that a lot of this isn’t making much sense anymore or it is too convoluted making it difficult to follow.

    As for the ultimate betrayal spoiler… maybe it’s that Ryan is CLF. Or maybe it’s Lydia is in charge of the AIC/CLF not her father? And their goal was to retrieve those hard drives. Maybe there is something on them that could hurt Miranda and the now deceased Liam. Just a thought.

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