Dancing with the Stars Week 10 Recap – Double the Dances, Three Times the Fun

It is the Semi-Finals and the competition is super-hot!  Each couple danced twice last night.  Once with just their partner and then the trio dance.  All five couples had spectacular routines fill with so much emotion and fun.  It was heartbreaking to say goodbye to one of them at the end of the night, but one had to go.

Image Courtesy of ABC

Image Courtesy of ABC

Who had the best dances of the competition?  Who is going to the finals?  Who was sent home?  Let’s break last night’s phenomenal episode down.

Starting from Lowest to Highest:

Calvin and Lindsay (Tango & Salsa with Witney) – For his first dance, the NFLer had a rough time of it.  The opening to the tango was off from the tempo of the song.  It was an interesting concept, it just didn’t work as well as Lindsay was hoping.  Then there was that big mistake.  I think the two were getting a little too close to the edge of the stage and it caused her to slip.  The rest of the routine ended up looking like Calvin was dragging her around to keep them on time.  The couple recovered for their trio.  Witney and Lindsay have so much energy, it has to be difficult for anyone to keep up.  But it was no issue for Calvin and love that they took advantage of his size and strength for the lifts.  It made the salsa stand out in a night where everyone was so good.  Combined Scores: 56/60

Image Courtesy of ABC

Image Courtesy of ABC

Jana and Gleb (Quickstep & Paso Doble with Alan) – After last week’s emotional waltz and contemporary routines, it was great this week to see the actress cut loose and have fun with her two dances this week.  The quickstep was entertaining, light, and full of content without feeling rushed.  The trio paso was a perfect concept for her.  A queen playing with her love slaves before disposing of them.  It was a real chance for Jana to show off some range and rule the dance floor with an iron dance shoe.  I don’t think she could have done such a fierce routine earlier in the competition.  She needed time to build that confidence.  It has been amazing to watch her journey these last few months. Combined Scores: 58/60

James and Sharna (Argentine Tango & Jive with Jenna) – I love Jenna, but it was so nice to see Sharna back.  The Indy car driver was doing fine with the replacement partner, but there was something missing.  The connection James and Sharna have is very necessary for this stage of the competition.  I don’t think he could have pulled off that tango with Jenna while she was blindfolded.  To lead a pro, James needed the trust he has cultivated with Sharna.  As for his trio, they brought Jenna back and it was such an enjoyable jive.  I may have swooned a bit over James.  He exuded such charisma, I had to fan myself a little afterward.  Incorporating the car he had his accident in really created an emotional connection to what could have just an entertaining dance.  Combined Scores: 59/60

Terra and Sasha (Rumba & Tango with Artem) – Watching Terra come into her own and shine this season has been a really special.  The rumba with Sasha was so heartfelt and I loved how it was not typical.  The pro took what is traditionally a sensual dance and made it into a story of Terra showing the world she is beautiful in her own unique way.  I feel like so many people could relate to the theme.  Switching gears, the trio tango was sexy and sassy.  The reality star commanded the two pros.  Her flirting with Artem was just so perfect.  I don’t think I could help but flirt with the Russian stallion either.  Combined Scores: 60/60

Image Courtesy of ABC

Image Courtesy of ABC

Laurie and Val (Foxtrot & Salsa with Maks) – The gymnast had a very emotional week.  Her grandmother, who has been one of her biggest supporters, passed away a couple of days before.  Laurie took that heartbreak and poured it into a wonderful dance that doubled as a tribute to her grandmother and family who have sacrificed so much for her to achieve her dreams.  That may have been her best dance of the season.  The trio was a nice turn around to something more amusing.  The concept of Maks as a dance teacher coaching Val and Laurie all the way thru to a competition was perfectly meta.  It was a seamless way to tell both Laurie’s and Val’s story.  Combined Scores: 60/60

Down to the nitty-gritty.

Couples in Jeopardy:

Calving & Lindsay and Terra & Sasha

Eliminated Couple:

Image Courtesy of ABC

Image Courtesy of ABC

Terra and Sasha

I’m so sad to see the reality star go.  She has been such an inspiration for so many.  But like I said, someone had to go home at the end of the evening.  Four couples are left standing and only one can take home that coveted Mirror Ball Trophy.

Who will it be?  The Indy Car driver who has surprised us all and stolen a few hearts?  The Gold Medal gymnast who has killing it all season?  The Actress/Singer who has taken us on an incredible emotional journey?  The NFLer who proved he has some serious moves despite the nay-sayers?  We will find out next week as Monday sees the final dances and Tuesday gives us the results.

What did you think of last night’s DWTS?  Do you think the right dancer went home?  Who do you think will take the Mirror Ball Trophy home next week?  Let me know in the comments section below.

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