Did I just get excited for Kong: Skull Island?

Since the trailer first hit the interwebs in July during Comic Con, I have felt pretty meh about the upcoming King Kong redux. Despite the stellar cast, it didn’t have me wanting to see more. Maybe it is because I’m a bit burned out on the recycling of films.

But somehow the second trailer for Kong: Skull Island got me hooked. Take a look after the jump:

I think what had me interested in the film is the shift in tone from the first trailer. The first look released back in July was very grim and teased the various monsters on the island, choosing to concentrate mostly on the human cast. When it comes to monster movies, I don’t care about the humans in the film, I want the monsters.

Check out the first trailer:

I know it is good business to tease the goods when creating buzz, but that tease made me think this was going to be more of 2014’s Godzilla or 2005’s King Kong reset in the 70’s. I really enjoyed both movies, but the lack of monsters and action left me disappointed when the credits rolled.

The second trailer has hit the sweet spot for me. Making the 70’s era shift more front and center helps. This will allow the film to make some (hopefully good) parallels to the Vietnam war. Some comedy from John C. Reilly was sprinkled in, taking some of the oh-so-serious tone down a notch or two. And the monsters were front and center for it making me do a happy dance. If you think there are not enough monsters in your monster movie, then you are right and should always add more.

Image Courtesy of Warner Bros Pictures

Image Courtesy of Warner Bros Pictures

What did you think of the second Kong: Skull Island trailer? Did this one finally get you excited or have you been waiting for this one since the first look? Talk to me in the comments section below.

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