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More espionage, more drama, more betrayal, more confusion, and no answers in the Winter Finale and my final recap of the show.

Spoilers for “ODENVY”

Remember last season’s winter finale when Simon let go of the detonator and the bank where a good chunk of our characters was located exploded? That was such a great way to keep everyone on the edge of their seat waiting for March so we can find out who survived. This year, we were promised a shocking betrayal, but is it scandalous when we all saw it coming several episodes ago when Ryan was first dragged off by the CLF and never heard from again in the present?

Image Courtesy of ABC

Image Courtesy of ABC

Since this is my final recap of the show, I’m going to make this quick.

At the Farm, Owen and Lydia teach the recruits about how to lie to their families over the holidays as to where they are at and to spot that one person in their life that “never lets go” to cut them out of their life. Each recruit comes up with a passable lie with the exception of Dayana who is looking for an excuse not to go home and cut ties completely with her family. Lydia takes her father’s advice and burned her bridge with Owen who has not given up his crusade to find who exposed him. Turns out the former field agent screwed up a few too many times and his cover was blown as punishment.

Alex is feeling the cold by Shelby, Ryan, and Nimah when her former handler (now field agent) tells her “you didn’t cut it” when it came to being recruited by the AIC. Miranda offers her a job back at the FBI, but Alex decides she is going to stay and flush out the AIC by herself. We all know how well that went.

In the meantime, Ryan is contacted by the AIC to go to a random location, kidnap a man, bring him to a safe house, and tie him up. Later he is given more instructions to meet back by the safe house and sees both Léon and Dayana have been tapped as well. They are sent a video of Ryan tying up the man, Léon killing him, then Dayan cleaning up the mess. “Now we can trust you,” the next group message says, “because if you betray us, we will destroy you.” Ryan is going to have a hell of a time keeping this from his new fiancé, Alex. (Yeah, he proposed because she can be something honest he goes home to or something like that.)

Harry is debriefing with his handler, Charlotte (who just happens to be the sister of Elliott, the man Harry told Sebastian about), back in London. The Limey is really at The Farm because MI6 is building contacts in the US government. Brexit will hurt the British Intelligence Agency’s abilities to keep with the rest of the world. As Harry is sneaking out for the night, he runs into his handler’s husband who questions what Harry is going to do about Charlotte and Elliot’s father who did something bad. More fuel for the confusing fire.

Image Courtesy of ABC

Image Courtesy of ABC

In the present, the cellphone pings allow for the task force to see where all of the hostages are and find where the biological weapon is being held. The Army has arrived and is ready to initiate a drone strike which will kill everyone inside the hostage zone to keep the biologic from being released on the city. Shelby and Miranda try to convince the General to allow Alex to disarm it from the inside. If she can get it done before the approval for the drone strike comes in (approx. 48 minutes), then no harm, no foul.

Alex, Sebastian, Harry, Dayana, and Léon have a plan to blowtorch the device and kill whatever biologic is inside the weapon. If they succeed, then the CLF doesn’t even know the device has been disarmed until they attempt to use it. The group gets cornered in an office when members of a CLF group make camp in the hallway they were using to get to the weapon. Harry suggests the air ducts. Dayana is too hurt to travel through them and Léon stays behind with her. In the ducts, Sebastian accidentally drops the blowtorch down a long shaft. Harry thinks he did it on purpose because he is CLF, but they don’t have time to argue. Alex sends Harry to get a different torch from the kitchen not far from them while she and Sebastian go to look for the weapon.

But the biologic is set to disperse inside of the building as a failsafe, not out to the city as the CLF said it would. As the group makes their way outside, they are cornered by the CLF. Alex is dragged away by one of them and hears a shot, but doesn’t get to see who was killed. She attacks her captor and rips off the mask to reveal (insert sarcastic gasp here) Ryan is one of them! He pushes Alex back and activates a laser barrier. If she crosses, then the biologic weapon will be activated.  You would think that might be the end of those two, but I have a feeling the crazy kids will work it out.

Image Courtesy of ABC

Image Courtesy of ABC

While all this is going on, Nimah and Raina argue about Nimah’s allegiance to the CLF. I found myself really not caring.

The Winter Finale definitely was underwhelming as more storylines are being added to an already overcrowded plot and the big reveal was a big dud. As stated a couple of weeks ago, I am no longer going to be doing Quantico recaps. I am going back to school and the show has become to contrived for me to continue on with playing who is the bad guy. If anyone would like to take my place, please email me at nerdling2882@gmail.com for more information.

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