Agents of SHIELD Winter Finale – Everyone Suits Up!

After a lot of yelling, apologizing, and expositional conversations, the team bands together to take down Eli.

Spoilers for “The Laws of Inferno Dynamics”

Quick Recap:

Eli Morrow has gone full evil villain after being mostly absent from last week’s episode. He built a plutonium bomb to take out most of LA and has lost his marbles a bit thinking he is a god. His plan, to destroy the world and remake it like he wants it all because everyone discounted him. Robbie is the one person who makes it thru all of the booby traps to get to his uncle, but is pinned down by the carbon spikes inside the bomb.

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Fitzsimmons realize Eli is not creating matter from nothing like the crazed baddie thinks he is, but pulling matter from the Dark Dimension Robbie, Coulson, and Fitz were trapped in before. Plan B is to have AIDA create the same gate she used to bring Coulson and Fitz back to send Eli and his bomb to the Dark Dimension. Daisy using her new and improved gauntlets keeps the minor earthquakes Eli is inadvertently creating from getting out of control. Coulson, Mack, Yo-Yo, and Mace distract Eli and his guards while AIDA builds the gateway on the floor beneath the bomb. The team tries to rescue Robbie from being sent down with the bomb and Eli, but the Ghost Rider decides to go down to “hell” with his uncle.

Once Eli, the bomb, and Robbie pass thru the gate, Daisy has to expel the remaining energy from controlling the quakes and ends up in front of the media. Mace, killing two birds with one stone, comes to her side and admits to the press she was never a vigilante, but a deep undercover agent sent to take down the Watchdogs. Publicly claiming Daisy and the “death” of Robbie cancels out any hold Senator Nadeer has over the director.

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All seems to be well as Mack and Yo-Yo finally share a nice kiss, Daisy joins SHIELD once more, Agent Nathanson is sent to Radcliffe’s lab to collect all of the intel on AIDA to make the LMD’s an official SHIELD project, and May and Coulson finally share that bottle of Haig. But all is not good. Nathanson discovers something he was not supposed to while helping AIDA pack and she snaps his neck. May and Coulson really don’t get to have their celebratory drink because the real May is being held captive by AIDA and a clone is back at SHIELD!

Questions, Thoughts, and Theories:

My recap was quick, I know. I wanted to spend most of my time here geeking out over what in the hell just happened.

Is anyone else a little disappointed by how quickly Eli went down. I was kind of hoping the show was building him up to be the season long baddie who eventually goes insane from his own experiments. He went full Dr. Evil a little too quickly and I blame the election for that. Normally, there are ten or eleven episodes before the winter break. Because of the election and all of the coverage of it, there were only eight. Agents of SHIELD is not the only show suffering because of this.

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As Daisy is contemplating giving Gabe Robbie’s car, Coulson mentioned “the last Ghost Rider” made it out of the other dimension. He has to be talking about Johnny Blaze. Even last week, the Spirit while possessing Mack said it had escaped the hell which was pulling Robbie down and he didn’t want to go back. Robbie and the Spirit of Vengeance pulled themselves through the portal gate in the end.

There is a possibility the producers are giving the nod to the Ghost Rider series everyone has been asking for or even a chance for Robbie to cross over into the Netflix series. The Defenders is currently filming. Making that jump wouldn’t be too difficult since several of their stories in the comics have interacted and would allow for the Marvel TV properties a reason to cross over.

Fingers crossed Eli and Robbie make it back in time for a really bad ass season finale.

Seeing Mace have it out with Coulson and be in the field really brought me around on him. It has been difficult trusting him, and I still have my doubts here and there, but I’m glad he had a chance to explain himself. He was trying to protect SHIELD and Coulson would have done the same thing if put in that position. Love how the SHIELD logo on his tactical suit included the Patriot Chevron on it.

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I really hate the idea AIDA might turn evil. It feels like it has been done by this point (though I do appreciate Mace’s Ultron comment upon learning she is an android, it feels like the writers are acknowledging our thoughts) and I wish Agents of SHIELD would go another direction.

What I am hoping for is AIDA made a calculated decision Nathanson is expendable in her grand plan of replacing everyone deemed valuable by SHIELD with LMDs. Last week, she was using May’s brain scan to build a decoy of her. When May was sent to collect her earlier, AIDA saw it as an opportunity to put her plan into place. The best way to protect everyone is to take them out of the field entirely. A stretch, I know, but it is what I’m hoping for.

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Is there a possibility Radcliffe is a LMD?

Mack and Yo-Yo need a name. Any suggestions because I’m no good at these things? Malena? Elenzie?

So many questions and theories, but thankfully we only have to wait five weeks for the Spring Premiere!

Now I want to hear your thoughts and theories. What did you think of the winter finale of Agents of SHIELD? Do you have any speculations about AIDA’s plan? Were you disappointed the Philinda moment was ruined by May being a droid? Are you excited about a Mack and Yo-Yo romance? Talk to me in the comments section below.

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