Fans of the Marvel Netflix Series Need to Stop Hoping for Award Nominations

This morning the Golden Globe nominations were announced and comic book fans were surprised and delighted to see Deadpool and its star Ryan Reynolds received nominations!  While The Dark Knight in 2009 managed to score several posthumous prestigious awards for Heath Ledger, including a Golden Globe and Oscar, comic book movies are ignored outside of the technical awards.  To be fair, many of them don’t deserve major nominations outside of the technical ones.

For all of the excitement about Deadpool came a tinge of disappointment as Luke Cage was unsurprisingly snubbed.  Nothing for stars Mike Colter, Mahershala Ali (though he did get some love for his role in Moonlight), Simone Missick, Alfre Woodard, or Rosario Dawson.  No writing noms for Cheo Coker.  Same for Daredevil.  While the show itself was not too deserving of any nominations, Jon Bernthal and Vincent D’Onofrio were truly outstanding as Frank Castle and Wilson Fisk.

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Fans felt the same sting of disappointment the year before with Jessica Jones’s stars Krysten Ritter and David Tennant as well as writer Melissa Rosenberg getting left in the cold come awards recognition.  Jessica Jones did win an Emmy for best original theme music, but fans were looking for more recognition.

If you read the title, then you know where I’m going with this.  Us fans of the Marvel Netflix shows need to stop hoping for noms and make our peace with the lack of recognition from the overly self-important awards people.  Deadpool may give optimism to those thinking good comic book inspired TV shows or movies might see some acknowledgment, I’m here to say the nom is fool’s gold and should be viewed as a well-deserved fluke for a really good fan film.

Those who pick the nominations, more often than not, have not seen the movies or TV shows which have been submitted or nominate a show with the most recognizable foreign brand.  Marvel might fall under most recognizable brand, but you have to remember, Marvel Netflix shows are still largely seen as a geeky thing.

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While Jessica Jones is about a woman battling alcoholism and PTSD after being kidnapped and raped, that woman has super strength and her abuser has mind control powers.  Luke Cage is about the power dichotomy of Harlem, the people and their relationship with those who hold power over them.  But the hero of the story is a bullet-proof, super strong, black man who was given his powers after a mad scientist experimented on him.  The parts of the show that makes them poignant are overshadowed by the comic book elements by those who haven’t given them a chance.

Maybe one year, those who deal out the nominations will look beyond the comic book exterior and see the story being told underneath.  Until then, I wouldn’t get my hopes up on the Emmys next year or the Golden Globes the year after that.

Image Courtesy of Netflix and Marvel Entertainment

What do you think?  Do you think the Hollywood Foreign Press or Emmy voters have seen the Marvel shows?  And do you think they would throw nominations Marvel’s way if they did?

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