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New Villains and new movies are added to the DCEU, Mr. Robot is visiting Metropolis, Captain America develops a new personality, and new trailers from the last week in this round up of the geeky world.

MCU News:

While we should all know better by now and stop hoping a loved character from the Marvel TV shows will make the leap to film, I don’t think fans can help but ask as one admirer did to Vincent D’Onofrio over the weekend.  Since Kingpin has had several run-ins with Spider-Man in the comics, one fan asked D’Onofrio if he would be making a cameo in Homecoming.

He also confirmed he is not making an appearance in the Netflix series The Defenders.

DCEU News:

Zack Snyder is working hard to unite the seven as the Justice League production is on its final legs with Arthur Curry’s role in the film.  Set photos from a shoot in Iceland feature Jason Momoa’s Aquaman as he rises from the black, cold waters.

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The King of Atlantis will have some family issues to deal with in his solo outing.  Patrick Wilson (Insidious, Watchmen) has been cast as the villainous Orm, the half-brother to Arthur Curry.

Loved or hated Suicide Squad, you have to admit it was a fun, hot mess to watch.  Warner Bros is hoping you enjoyed it enough for more because they announced Tuesday they are still developing a sequel to the villains-turn-heroes’ movie as well as a spin off for popular characters Deadshot (Will Smith) and Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie).

Quinn’s movie is currently titled Gotham City Sirens and will follow the psychologist turned baddie as she and a few of her friends (rumored Cat Woman and Poison Ivy) wreak havoc on the city with no Batman in sight.  David Ayer is set to direct.

DC TV News:

The time traveling heroes of Legends of Tomorrow will making a visit to King Arthur’s Court in the second half of the second season.  The Originals alum Elyse Levesque has been cast as Guinevere from the legends of King Arthur.

Images Courtesy of The CW Network

Star Wars News:

Rogue One is here and it is glorious.

Star Trek News:

More casting news from the return of Star Fleet to TV.  Chris Obi (American Gods), Shazad Latif (Penny Dreadful), and Mary Chieffo (Jack and Janet Save the Planet) have joined the cast of Star Trek Discovery as Klingons.  Obi will portray the alien-race leader, T’Kuvma, Latif will be his protégé, Kol, and Chieffo is L’Rell, a battle deck commander of a Klingon ship.  Sonequa Martin-Green (The Walking Dead) has been tapped to play a yet unnamed lieutenant commander.

X-Men News:

If 20th Century Fox ever decides to doubt Ryan Reynolds’ and his vision of Deadpool ever again, he can now wave his shiny new Golden Globes Nominations at them!  Congrats to the whole production cast and crew!  I hope the hangover wasn’t too horrible.

Disney News:

Disney’s revival of the late 80’s cartoon classic, Duck Tales, has been given a large cast of familiar names voicing our favorite characters.  David Tennant (Jessica Jones) will be Uncle Scrooge, Danni Pudi (Powerless), Ben Schwartz (Parks and Recreation), Bobby Moynihan (SNL) will voice Huey, Dewey, and Louie, Beck Bennett (SNL) is Launchpad McQuack, Toks Olagundoy (The Neighbors) is housekeeper Mrs. Beakley, and Kate Micucci (Raising Hope) will be little sister Webby Vanderquack.  The casting was announced via this amazing video.

TV News:

The sophomore slump has claimed another victim.  Netflix has pulled the plug on its big budget series Marco Polo.  The second season, which premiered July 1st of this year, is now the final season.

The horror-comedy series Stan Against Evil has been given a second season greenlight by IFC.

Netflix’s reboot of Lost in Space has cast Ignacio Serricchio (Bones, The Witches of East End) as Don West, a smuggler who finds the stranded Robinson family.

Images Courtesy of Fox Network

Mr. Robot creator Sam Esmail is set to develop a miniseries based on the sci-fi epic Metropolis (pictured above) directed by German expressionists, Fritz Lang.  1927’s silent film is one of the greatest films of all time and has been a large inspiration for many sci-fi movies and television shows.  Given the current political climate, Esmail will have plenty of inspiration for the update.

Continuing its trend this season of newbies hosting the weekly comedy show, SNL has tapped Rogue One star Felicity Jones to host the first episode back in the New Year.

The CW’s Riverdale has tapped 80’s Brat Pack Queen, Molly Ringwald (The Breakfast Club, Pretty in Pink, Sixteen Candles) to be Archie’s mother.

Syfy Network’s hit 12 Monkeys continues to add to the cast of season three.  Hannah Waddingham (Game of Thrones) will portray Magdalena, a member of an apocalyptic cult who must protect the Witness, and Faran Tahir (Once Upon a Time) will be a devout enforcer of the Army of the 12 Monkeys, Mallick.

Images Courtesy of Syfy Network

The newest original series from Syfy, The Haunted has found two of its leads in Nakita’s Lyndsy Fonseca and Jessica Jones’s Elizabeth Cappuccino.  The two women will play sisters who, along with two other siblings, reunite after the death of their parents and deal with a past that hunts them.

New Movie Trailers:

The International trailer for A Cure for Wellness will have you squirming a bit in your seat.

Another International trailer, this time for Ghost in the Shell.

While this might not fall under the “Nerdy World” per se, the first trailer for Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk looks amazing.

Dru, Lucy, and the minions return in for Despicable Me 3.

This looks awful and I can’t help but share.

The Bye Bye Man gets a second trailer just weeks before its release

Movie News:

Legendary Studios have subtly changed the names of three upcoming blockbuster hopefuls.  The just announced movie following the adventures of Pikachu as he solves crimes has been retitled Pokemon’s Detective Pikachu.  The currently filming Pacific Rim sequel starring John Boyega (The Force Awakens) was known as Maelstrom, but has now been changed to Uprising.  No reason given for the minor alteration, but the movie is on track for a 2018 release.  Godzilla 2 has been retitled Godzilla: King of Monsters and rumors are flying around Legendary is putting a writer’s room together to work out the possibility of a Godzilla and Kong shared universe.

The Barden Bellas are set to begin filming Pitch Perfect 3 early in the new year, so this is just one of the many casting announcements we will see.  Orange is the New Black’s breakout star Ruby Rose has been cast in an unknown role for the third entry in the popular musical series.

The Insidious saga just keeps coming back for more.  In the first still from the upcoming Insidious: Chapter 4 has Lin Shaye as Elise Rainier journeying back into The Further with newcomer Tessa Ferrer (Grey’s Anatomy) who is playing a character known as Aubrey.

Images Courtesy of Universal Pictures

For those counting down the days to the Avatar 2 release date in December of 2018 may have to add some extra time to that countdown clock if Sigourney Weaver is to be believed.  The actress revealed to The Hollywood Reporter “we haven’t started [filming], so I don’t know how realistic that date is.”

Roland Emmerich, the director who seems overly fond of ending the world with films such as 2012 and both Independence Day movies, is now set to helm the adaptation of Blake Crouch’s mind-bending novel Dark Matter.  The story follows quantum physicist, Jason Dessen, who is caught between two alternate dimensions.

The new poster for 2017’s latest entry to the Transformers franchise warns audiences to “Rethink your heroes”

Images Courtesy of Paramount Pictures

Lionsgate is taking the complex narrative of BBC series Jekyll and boiling it down into a movie starring perpetual good guy, Captain America himself, Chris Evans.  He is set to play Tom Jackman, the modern-day descendant of the infamous Dr. Henry Jekyll.  The series followed Jackman as he starts to display disturbing signs of the split personality his ancestor is famous for.  To keep others safe, Jackman places himself in exile.

Ben Mendelsohn is everywhere now a days.  Rogue One premiered this week with him as the big bad, he is currently filming Ready Player One where he is the villainous head Sixer, Nolan Sorrento.  Now the Aussie actor has once again signed up to be the heavy as the Sheriff of Nottingham in Robin Hood: Origins.

The sci-fi thriller Life has some promotional catching up to do now its release date has been bumped up to March of 2017.  New promotional stills and movie poster hit the interwebs this week showcasing the big stars, Jake Gyllenhaal, Ryan Reynolds, and Rebecca Ferguson as the astronauts explore extra-terrestrial intelligent life.

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Can Michael Fassbender be any more loveable?

Talk to me in the comments section.  Are you excited for Gotham City Sirens?  Will you tune into Sam Esmail’s Metropolis?  Are you disappointed Marco Polo has been cancelled?  What was your favorite trailer from the week?

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