Gotham City Sirens Dream Casting (Poison Ivy)

A couple of weeks ago, it was announced DC Entertainment and Warner Bros were developing a movie centered around Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn, one of the few bright spots in Suicide Squad, and will take its cues from the comic series Gotham City Sirens.  The actress will executively produce the spin-off and David Ayer will return to the DCEU to direct.  Thankfully, he will not be writing the screenplay and will be working off a script penned by Christina Hodson and Geneva Robertson-Dworet.  Ayer may be an interesting director and has written good scripts for movies starring men, but when it comes to female characters, I don’t think he knows how to make them compelling.  But that is a whole other issue for another day.

Gotham City Sirens was a short-lived series, only running from 2009 – 2011 with 26 issues to its name.  Sirens focused on Harley Quinn as she roomed with Poison Ivy and Catwoman in her brief separation from The Joker.  Taking place not long after the events of Heart of Hush and Batman R.I.P., Batman/Bruce Wayne is dead and Catwoman stole all of Hush’s money to fund her and her friend’s exploits.  With no Batman to protect the city (Dick Grayson would eventually take up the mantel), the three ladies look to protect themselves from the other villains running amok in Gotham and in the process, save a few civilians and stop some major crimes.  The ladies don’t look to be heroes.  In the course of helping themselves, they sometimes help others.

While I don’t know how the movie is going to get Bruce Wayne out of the way (I doubt they are going to kill him and resurrect him just yet since Superman is currently in that storyline), it should be fun to watch these three super popular baddies team up.

Image Courtesy of Warner Bros Pictures and DC Entertainment

One day after the announcement of the spinoff movie, it was reported Megan Fox was looking for the role of Poison Ivy in the female villain tale.  Much to many fan’s relief, no one at Warner Bros seems to be biting.  Fox is a very beautiful woman and could pull of the red hair and green tight suit, but she is a terrible actress.  If the DCEU is looking to course correct and start making movies that will put them on par critically and financially with the MCU, they need to get high quality actors and actresses to come and play.  Robbie has done a wonderful job with Quinn.  Now she needs some great women to build a stronger character with who can also hold their own against Ben Affleck’s Dark Knight.

Until some names are officially named (or any other actresses publicly throw their hat into the ring), let’s play dream casting.  It is difficult to tell how Warner Bros and DC Entertainment is going to go with the ages for Catwoman and Poison Ivy.  Robbie is only 26.  If I had to guess, the studios are going to want women around her age who seem older and maybe erase some of the history between the two women and Batman.  This would also give DC a chance to play out a new version of the very complicated relationships the Dark Knight holds with the two villainesses.

Let’s start with Poison Ivy.  I feel like she is the easier role to cast since she is not as widely known on screen (Batman fans often try to forget the scenery chewing performance of Uma Thurman):

Image Courtesy of HBO

Evan Rachel Wood – Recently the actress has turn some heads as Dolores in HBO’s Westworld (not going to give away spoilers), but even before then Wood has given some stand out performances in other TV shows and films.  An abandoned daughter reconciling with her father, a straight-A student turned wild child, a Vampire Queen and everything in between.  She could easily bring the damaged girl looking to take down the patriarchy who has killed the mother earth vibe.

Image Courtesy of Lifetime Network

Holliday Grainger – Most people may remember Grainger for her recent role as an evil, silly stepsister from the live action remake of Cinderella.  Some may remember her as the illegitimate daughter of Pope Alexander VI in Showtime’s The Borgias.  The British actress can swing from unbalanced, to heartbreaking serious, to femme fatale easily and add a sense of seriousness to the role.

Image Courtesy of Lionsgate and Screen Gems

Bella Heathcote – The Australian born actress is no stranger to strange and dark roles.  Her first major role was in Tim Burton’s Dark Shadows.  Lately she has starred in The Man in the Hight Castle as a filmmaker who has a run in with the American Resistance and a mean girl model in Neon Demon.  Heathcote’s strangely beautiful look and willingness to go to odd places for a role would be ideal.

Image Courtesy of HBO

Rose Leslie – Ambitious house maid, a wildling, and a witch who hunts the worst of her kind.  Leslie has had an interesting career that is still just beginning to ramp up.  The young actress left her mark not only on Jon Snow’s heart, but the hearts of Game of Throne fans.  It doesn’t hurt that she already has the fiery red hair.  Leslie could really bring a badassness to Ivy.

Image Courtesy of IFC Films

Brittany Snow – This one may be a bit in left field because Snow is mostly known for her comedic roles, but I think she does have ability to be a compelling villain.  In the horror movie, Would You Rather, Snow did go to some dark places for the role, even though the movie was not all that great.  Given her background in comedy, she could give Sirens a bit of levity.

With a sea of talented women out there, I’m bound to have left a few out of the conversation.  Talk to me in the comments section below.  Do you agree with my casting wish list?  Who do you think would make a great Poison Ivy?  Tomorrow Thursday, we play dream casting for Catwoman.

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