Gotham City Sirens Dream Casting (Catwoman)

Continuing on from a few days ago, we are playing dream casting.  To quickly recap, DC Entertainment and Warner Bros announced there will be a movie spinoff centered around Suicide Squad’s Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie).  It will be based on the short-lived comic, Gotham City Sirens, which featured Quinn living with Poison Ivy and Catwoman.

To learn more about the comic and my dream casting for Poison Ivy, go here.

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Now to Catwoman.  She is a much more complicated character mostly due to the nature of her relationship with Batman.  She is a thief, but on more than one occasion has teamed up with the Dark Knight to save Gotham.  She has a code of ethics she sticks close to and has never really been a true super-villain.  An actress who can handle a complicated character is needed.

I don’t know how much of the relationship is going to be established in the movies, but it would seem odd if they went with an actress who is closer to Robbie’s age (she is 26).  Ben Affleck is currently 44 and there is a chance this character will be in the solo Batman movie before we get to GCS.  It would be a little pervy if he is engaging in a romantic and established relationship with a 20-something.  An actress who is in their mid to late 30’s or early 40’s would be best.  Anyone younger than that would be a big mistake and the DCEU has made too many of those so far.

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Paula Patton – While the actress and singer might not be the best of thespians, she could be a stand out with the right push from a director.  She is no stranger to action films having starred in Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol and 2 Guns as an operative and an DEA agent.  Patton has the smolder and swagger needed for Catwoman as well as the physique.  The Warcraft star is also close in age to Affleck (Patton currently is 41), making a previously established relationship believable.

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Grace Park – The American born actress is not well known for her film roles, but she is a geek favorite having been Sharon “Boomer” Valerii in Battlestar Galactica.  Her turn as a fighter pilot and (SPOILER ALERT!) Cylon clone had the actress switching between multiple personalities and kicking ass alongside her male counterparts.  Currently, Park is starring in the rebooted TV series, Hawaii Five-O as another badass female.  She has the brains, the beauty, and the skill to pull off a really action heavy Catwoman.  Like Patton, Park is also close in age to Affleck (she currently is 42).

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Sofia Boutella – Her breakout roles in Kingsman: The Secret Service and Star Trek Beyond had the dancer, actress, and musician buried under a great deal of makeup and prosthetics, and yet she kicked a lot of butt in those films.  Boutella’s turn as the titular character in The Mummy remake will also keep her covered, but she is quite a unique beauty which will help her stand out from her teammates, Harley and Ivy.  The StreetDance 2 started as a dancer, which could be a great asset to a character whose agility and grace is a main part of her nature.

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Priyanka Chopra – While the former Miss World winner may be fairly new to us here in the states, Chopra is a huge star in her home country of India and has received numerous awards for her performances in Bollywood.  In the U.S., she currently stars in the TV (once interesting, now trite) thriller Quantico, where she plays an FBI agent undercover at the CIA, and will be the villain in the upcoming action-comedy Baywatch.  Chopra has one of those faces that can go from wide-eye-sweet to smolderingly-devious at the drop of a dime.  Something very important for Catwoman, all the best to keep the Batman wrapped around her little finger.

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Emily Blunt – She is on everyone else’s list, but the simple fact of the matter is she is an incredible actress who would be pitch perfect for the role.  The only problem is, she has not expressed interest in being a part of a comic book franchise.  But, we can all hope.

Talk to me in the comments section.  Who do you think would make a great fit for DC’s newest reincarnation of Catwoman?  Are there any actresses you felt I left off the list?

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