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Happy New Year’s Eve to everyone still stuck in 2016! (For my readers in Australia and Asia Happy New Year!) It is the final batch of news from the geeky world before 2017!  Unfortunately, the week started off with sad news as two icons passed away.

Mother and Daughter:

On the 23rd of December, Carrie Fisher (you all know who she is) suffered a heart attack on a transatlantic flight.  A few days later on the 27th, she passed away due to complications at the young age of 60.  The next day, her mother, Debbie Reynolds (most known for her roles in Singing in the Rain, The Unsinkable Molly Brown, and Will and Grace) followed after suffering a stroke.  She was 84.

The two women had a tumultuous relationship, but managed to reconcile several years ago and even became next door neighbors.  In 2015, the two women allowed for HBO to film them for the year for the documentary Bright Lights: Starring Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds.  The film will debut on HBO January 7th at 8 p.m. EST/PST with Fisher’s Wishful Drinking encoring after.

Star Wars News:

Image Courtesy of LucasFilm and Disney Pictures

Following the death of Fisher, many fans were understandably worried as to her involvement in the Star Wars franchise.  LucasFilm, Disney, and Episode VIII director Rian Johnson have all confirmed Fisher completed filming for the next entry several months before her passing and General Organa will play a much larger role in the next chapter of the saga.  Unfortunately, this was going to expand into Episode IX.  The studios have yet to comment on how they are going to treat the death of Fisher, if they are going to alter Episode VIII to give Leia a satisfying ending, or pull a Rogue One.  I wouldn’t expect any news to come soon, the producers have plenty of time to figure out what to do before Episode VIII premieres in December of 2017.

MCU News:

Last week, a general synopsis and promo were released for Agents of SHIELD’s back half of their fourth season.  This week stills, outlines and titles of the first two episodes have been unveiled.  Agents of SHIELD returns to ABC January 10th.

“Broken Promises” – Though Coulson and May are growing closer, Coulson remains unaware of the dark secret May is hiding beneath the surface. Meanwhile, Aida is unrelenting in her search for the Darkhold.

“The Patriot” – Coulson and Mack discover a shocking secret about Mace, which leaves all of S.H.I.E.L.D. in a dangerous position.

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DCEU News:

As new stills from Wonder Woman hits the web, the titular character was named 2017’s Most Anticipated Comic Book Character in a Movie by Fandango!

Image Courtesy of DC Entertainment and Warner Bros Pictures

They just couldn’t help but throw some fuel on the speculation fire.  Over the Christmas weekend, Henry Cavil (a.k.a. Clark Kent/Superman) posted a photo of him and Dwayne Johnson (a.k.a. Theo Adam/Black Adam) sharing a drink with #DCWorldsWillCollide and #Superman tagged, leading fans to speculate the two will share some screen time in an upcoming DCEU film.  Black Adam is set to make his debut in Shazam!, but this photo could imply he will make an appearance earlier in the film franchise (like the already over packed Justice League) or Superman could cameo in Shazam!.

DC TV News:

This week, Arrow fans were treated to a promo for the midseason premiere.  While it is a bit spoilery for those who haven’t see the winter finale just yet, it does answer a couple of questions.  A few days later, an extended look at the appropriately titled “Who Are You?” arrived courtesy of We Got This Covered featuring Oliver and Diggle discussing the reappearance of Laurel.

Not to be left out, We Got This Covered unveiled new clips from The Flash and Supergirl’s first episodes back.  The Flash’s “Borrowing Problems from the Future,” shows Wally West as Kid Flash and very excited about his first time out with Barry Allen.  But Flash is not happy with his protégé’s enthusiasm.  The Flash returns with all new episodes January 24th.  “Supergirl Lives” has Mon-El working his new job as a bartender and not being too good at it.  Supergirl flies back on January 23rd.

The midseason premiere synopsis of Gotham, tilted “Ghosts,” explains how both Cameron Monaghan (who portrayed Jerome before meeting his end in season two) and Paul Rubens (he was Penguin’s father before the character was killed off) are making their returns to the show.  Gotham will be back on FOX January 16th.

“Falcone places a hit on Gordon after learning that he shot Mario. Gordon and Bullock discover a follower of Jerome (guest star Cameron Monaghan), who plans to bring him back to life. Meanwhile, Penguin spirals out of control before the biggest television interview of his Mayoral career, and Bruce and Selina deal with Selina’s mom’s return to Gotham.”

X-Men News:

Breaking from the pattern the marketing department set out for Logan, the studio has released a couple of full color photos from Hugh Jackman’s last hurrah as Wolverine.  One still is of the titular man at dusk.  The other is of the mutant known as Caliban (Stephen Merchant), whose powers allow him to track other mutants.

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On Wednesday, fans freaked out when The Wrap reported Ryan Reynold’s Deadpool would be making a cameo appearance in Logan.  Much to several fan’s disappointment, director James Mangolds, Reynolds, and Jackman all took to Twitter to denounce the rumor.

To be fair, Reynolds is all for making a Wolverine/Deadpool movie, but the actor feels like the Merc with a Mouth wouldn’t be all wrong tonally for the more introspective, end-of-the-world vibe Logan has going on.  Once you get past the excited notion of these two loved characters sharing screen time, it makes sense.

There are rumors flying “something else” is in the works for Deadpool and Wolverine.  My guess is Jackman will make a minor cameo in Deadpool 2 as lip service for fans.  And that would be perfectly fine.

Disney News:

Not long ago, Pixar finally gave us a synopsis and cast for their upcoming original project, Coco.  This week Entertainment Weekly publicized a first look at the Lee Unkrich (Toy Story 3) directed movie.

Image Courtesy of Pixar and Disney Pictures

The live action remake for Beauty and the Beast, which just turned 25-years-old this year, gets a new TV spot and a first listen of Emma Watson singing “Something There”

TV News:

Despite the rampant rumors the fourth season will be its last, Sherlock co-creator Mark Gatiss told TV Line, “We honestly don’t know if this season will be the last.  These three [episodes], we’re very, very pleased with them.  And everybody’s very keen to carry on.”  He goes on to discuss the hellish scheduling problems, much of it due to star Benedict Cumberbatch’s calendar now that his debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe was a rousing success.

Over Christmas weekend, Preacher executive producer and writer, Seth Rogan, tweeted out a photo of the season two script (which is curiously titled “On the Road”).  Hopefully this means production for the amazing show starts very soon!

The Whovians who tuned into the Doctor Who Christmas Special got an extra little gift in their Tardis shaped stockings when the season ten trailer premiered at the end of the episode.  The teaser doesn’t give much away, but we do get to meet Bill (Pear Mackie), the newest companion for the Time Lord, and she is definitely excited to be seeing a whole new universe.

NBC is banking hard on audiences taking to their gritty and sexier version of the L. Frank Baum’s classic The Wizard of Oz.  Two new promos for Emerald City premiered this week on We Got This Covered featuring Adria Arjona’s Dorothy, Oliver Jackson-Cohen’s Scarecrow-like character, Joely Richardson’s Glinda, and Vincent D’Onofrio’s Wizard.  Be sure to come back every Saturday morning (starting on the 7th) for my breakdowns of Emerald City.

New Movie Trailers:

With it being New Year’s weekend, there are not a lot of new movies hitting theaters and so hardly any trailers are hitting the interwebs.  But there are a couple.

The new animated movie from The Weinstein Company debuted a first look.

Early in the Christmas morning hours, 20th Century Fox gave us a couple of presents for us to open.  Two trailers for Alien: Covenant.  One normal and one red band.

Movie News:

The trailer was not the only bit released on Christmas day from Alien: Covenant.  A batch of very intense images hit the interwebs a few hours after the teaser.

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I never read the books (they were published long after I was an age to read them), but I am curious about the Captain Underpants movie which will be hitting U.S. theaters June 2nd of 2017.  The story is a bit strange and is every school kids dream.  Two boys (voiced by Kevin Hart and Thomas Middleditch) hypnotize their evil principal (Ed Helms) into stripping down to his undies and thinking he is a superhero.  Entertainment Weekly unveiled a first look at the upcoming film from DreamWorks Animation.

Image Courtesy of DreamWorks Animation

Beware of what could be in the sewers.  Entertainment Weekly gives us the creeps as they reveal another look at Bill Skarsgard’s Pennywise the Clown from the upcoming It.

Image Courtesy of New Line Cinema

Entertainment Weekly just keeps on giving this week as they present a new photo from The Mummy reboot featuring Tom Cruise’s Nick Morton and Russell Crowe’s Dr. Henry Jekyll meeting for the first time.

Image Courtesy of Universal Pictures

This time Empire gets in on the love as they unveil a new still from the live action adaptation of Ghost in the Shell featuring star Scarlett Johansson getting ready to kick some ass.

Image Courtesy of Paramount Pictures

The British entertainment magazine also showed off some concept art for Kong: Skull Island as the massive beast is emerging from fire and ferociously chasing a human.

Image Courtesy of Warner Bros Pictures


The last few days have been a giant bummer, so how about a seriously cute cat compilation video to end 2016 on:

Are you excited over the new Alien movie?  Which show are you ready to be back on TV?  What are your big plans for 2017?  Share with me in the comments section below.

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