I’m Back!

Not like any of you really noticed, but yes I have been out this last month.

January was a nice kick in the teeth for me. Illness, having to fill in at my old job because my replacement was an unsavory person, train my new replacement, get sick again, and all this while starting school. So yeah, 2017 started with a bit of chaos. All is well even though I’m still not quite healthy, but everything else seems to be settling.

So, I’m back! Starting this week, I will be breaking down Agents of SHIELD once more, Nerd News will be reappearing at its normal slot on Sunday, and I will bring you some alternative watching options to the Super Bowl. UberApe will continue with Taboo. I have a couple of drinking games coming up a little later this month and you bet I will be talking Oscars and Grammys.

Some new stuff going on for the site will be the premiere of Powerless on NBC this week. Legion will premiere next week on FX. Very excited for both series!

There will be some minor changes to Nerdling’s Tale. Nothing too crazy, I promise. Mostly the changes will be to the look of the site and the amount I will be posting over the next year. I will be making some upgrades to the look of Nerdling’s Tale, the site has been in needing a new coat of paint.

Since I have started school, I won’t be able to dedicate as much time to as much Nerdy Pop Culture as I would really like to. This part is only a temporary change. Once I finish my certification, I’ll be back at it full-time once more.

I do want to let y’all know, I have been contributing to another site. The Collective has been gracious enough to let me take on the recap for Emerald City and I will also be writing about Legion there as well. If you want to check it out, please stop by acollectivemind.com and show these ladies some love as well.

January has been a little disappointing in terms of all I wanted to start for the year, but that doesn’t mean I’m giving up. A whole new month starts tomorrow! Now I’m off to do a crap ton of homework.

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