Legion – Darkest Recesses of the Mind

Melanie comes clean as to why she is really helping David.  The group takes a field trip further into David’s mind and it is a true horror show.

Spoilers For “Chapter 3”

Raise your hand if you kept dreaming of that life-sized version of the Angriest Boy.  All of you?  Yep, sounds about right.  This week’s Legion took us further into David’s mind exploring the consequences of tragedy coloring the powerful mutant’s mind (notice this week, Melanie actually used the word mutant.)

Knowing there is a clock ticking on Amy Haller’s life, Melanie decides the best way to get David’s power under control is to dive right into the deep end.  She wants to look at the memories David attempted to hide from her and Ptonomy.  Specifically, the kitchen scene which Melanie thinks is the first real manifestations of David’s telekinetic abilities.

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Ptonomy, Melanie, and David start at the beginning of the memory when Lenny and David are getting high with the drugs we saw the two purchase in last week’s episode.  As the two are getting stone out of their minds, Philly comes home with a cake for their little get together that night.  It is pretty evident this is not the first time she has seen David get high, but one gets the feeling an ultimatum may have been given by the girlfriend.  What results is the argument between David and Philly we saw glimpses of before and David causing his kitchen to explode as a result of his anger.  Melanie is excited to see a huge outburst of telekinetic energy from David, but things turn dark quickly as the Yellow-Eyed Blob starts to make its appearance.  Accept Melanie and Ptonomy can’t see it.  Fearing for everyone’s lives, David inadvertently teleports the three of them from the Memory Room to another area of Summerland.  It is safe to say the display of powers from David has everyone a little freaked out.

Wanting to study his brain further, Melanie takes David back to Cary who hilariously asks David not to destroy his lab again (“I’m not going to promise that”).  Now here is where Cary needs to be a little bit more specific with his words to David.  The brain doc tells the powerful mutant to think of something stressful.  Well his sister is in the hands of some bad people, so of course Lenny is going to pop up and give David hell about that.  I think Lenny represents that overwhelming negative part of David’s brain we all have.  That part that tells us we are screwing up, not to trust the person helping us, reminding us of what we are not doing.  Lenny takes is upon herself to remind David that while he is letting Melanie and Cary mess with his brain, the Division 3 goons are probably violating Amy in ways that are unspeakable.  Cary asked for stressful thoughts and the idea his sister is being violated will cause some anxiety.

In another amazing display of power, David begins to channel himself into finding his sister and starts to levitate.  Hoping to help David, or at least wake him before he causes some form of damage, Syd runs into the room with him.  Finding his sister, David projects both his and Syd’s consciousness into the room with Amy as someone from Division 3 is interrogating her after The Eye has tortured her with leaches.  As David and Syd are listening in, The Eye spots the two of them and reaches out.  David pulls the two of them back to Summerland.

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David demands some answers about what in the hell he just experienced and who that was.  Melanie explains Summerland used to be a horse farm her husband, Oliver who is the disembodied voice all through the facility, inherited.  Oliver, Cary, and Melanie decided to turn it into a facility where others like them can find sanctuary and learn to control their powers.  The Eye, AKA Walter, was one of those who came to Summerland in the beginning, but he was different.  He enjoyed hurting people.

Knowing there are several other groups like Division 3, Melanie sees the war coming and she wants as many mutants she can find to be ready.  Syd accuses Melanie of using David for her war.  The therapist doesn’t deny she wants the advantage of a super powerful mutant, but she also wants for him to have a good life everyone deserves.  Helping him to control his powers if the first step in achieving that.

They need to go back in, but this time David is to be sedated so he will revert to a simpler state inside his memories and be less apt to block or alter them.  Syd wants to make the trip with them, but David tells her no.  Later that evening he explains it is because he doesn’t want her to see the worst parts of himself.  He has done some pretty bad things in his past.  He loves her and doesn’t want to lose her.  Syd assures David she loves him too and what she sees will not affect her feelings.

The next morning, David is placed in sedation and Melanie, Ptonomy, and Syd make their way into David’s memoires.  Their guide is a younger David and since the group is only a manifestation inside his mind, Syd can touch David without switching bodies.  Her giving the young David a hug was so much more moving than any other moment of intimacy the two have shared on the show so far and I’m not crying… you are!

This is where things start to get real dark.  The memory trip begins as David is breaking into his former therapist’s office to score some drugs and valuables he and Lenny can pawn to buy more drugs.  The memory version of David starts to recall his talks with Dr. Poole (creating a very cool memory within a memory) and goes looking for the tapes of the sessions to destroy.  Things inside the memory start to get dark and a malevolent presence starts to manifest.  Melanie and Ptonomy once again can’t see or feel it, just Young David and Syd.  Young David runs and Syd follows, leaving the others behind.

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The two run through a few other memories, one in particular I’m sure David didn’t want Syd to see, before ending up back in Young David’s house.  Things turn from freaky to straight horror movie when a life-sized version of the Angriest Boy from the scary book shows up to chase Young David and Syd around the house.  Syd wakes up pretty quickly and smacks Ptonomy with a pillow to get him up as well.  The two attempt to wake Melanie, but she remains out and inside David’s memories.  There she finds herself back in Young David’s bedroom.  She starts to read The World’s Angriest Boy in the World not knowing the Yellow-Eyed Blob is manifesting behind her as she looks through the gruesome images.  The book closes itself on her hands violently and the pain brings Melanie out of the memory.  David remains still under, stuck inside the worst place for him to be.  His own mind.

Thoughts and Questions

Syd proposes what the group experienced are not David’s real memories, and in the preview for next week’s episode she says they are false memories planted there to protect David’s real ones.

The big question is who planted those fake memories?

It is worth pointing out:

  • Melanie, once all on her own inside David’s memories, was able to see the faces of his parents and they noticed her. David couldn’t when they first were venturing through.
  • Does the memory cover-up have anything to do with David’s real parentage?
  • Syd could sense the Yellow-Eyed Blob when the others couldn’t because she had been inside David’s head before. She also shares an emotional connection with him the others do not.

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  • Amy had uncertainties David was not mentally ill. She also suspected he was causing the weird occurrences in their childhood home.
  • David, while working with Cary before Lenny popped up, was thinking about a past memory with his sister to stress himself out. The memory also featured a life-sized version of The Angriest Boy chasing David around when he went looking for his dog.  Did something traumatic happen that night his memory is attempting to protect him from?  Does it have something to do with the events depicted in the book?

What did you think of this week’s Legion?  Did the Angriest Boy give you nightmares?  Who do you think planted the fake memories?  Talk to me in the comments section below.

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