Dancing with the Stars Week 3 Recap – Roll of the Dice

It is the first ever Vegas night as the Stars and their pros upped the ante.  For some, the payoff was big money.  For others, the odds were not in their favor.  But don’t be fooled by the glitz and glam.  The house always wins and one competitor was sent home. (Did I cram enough gambling analogies in there?)

Can I just say, Carrie Ann needs to chill with the lift thing.  Especially when she gets way too nick picky with it.

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Let’s get to the recap, shall we?  From lowest to highest:

Mr. T and Kym (Foxtrot) – I was wondering how a big, brutish man like Mr. T was going to handle the slower, more romantic dances.  My question was answered this week as the actor came out with an entertainingly good foxtrot.  Was he the smoothest dancer on the ball room floor?  No not even close.  Man has some heavy feet and needs to work on that, but he oozed old school Vegas style and showed so much improvement from last week.  If the ringers don’t steal the show too much, Mr. T may sneak up behind everyone and surprise us all.  Score: 24

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Bonner and Sharna (Charleston) – There was a lot of struggle for the bull rider and his pro partner.  Because of his broken neck over a year ago, Bonner can’t raise his hands over his head and lifts are not going to happen.  The steps are too much for him as well.  Sharna really had to tone down the choreography and their Charleston lacked the needed flair.  Bonner’s energy was low.  Like he was thinking so hard about getting the steps down, he forgot to put some liveliness in his moves.  A big step down from last week.  Score: 24

Charo and Keo (Foxtrot) – Charo sensed things were not going to go her way this week and really pushed Keo for something fantastic.  And fantastic it was.  The comedian/actress was elegant and beautiful for her “wedding dance” with her new “husband.”  The chemistry between Charo and Keo was on point for the sweet foxtrot. I feel like the judges didn’t score her fairly because she had the unfortunate chance of following Heather and Val.  Score: 24

Nick and Peta (Tango) – Nick is really taking it upon himself to be a better dancer.  The Bachelor star put the effort in and showed some real improvement this week.  It wasn’t the greatest tango.  Nick’s feet are still a bit heavy.  He also lacks that steamy chemistry with Peta (much to the delight of his new fiancé, I’m sure) needed for such a romantic dance.  Score: 26

Erika and Gleb (Jive) – I was really expecting something big and spectacular from the reality star.  Her personality seems to fit the Vegas theme so perfect.  She just screams decadence and debauchery.  The show they were given for inspiration, Absinthe, was perfect for her as well.  Erika and Gleb’s jive wasn’t bad.  It was entertaining enough and they actually looked like they were having the time of their life.  The dance just didn’t deliver that something which would have made the couple stand out from the middle of the pack.  Score: 26

Rashad and Emma (Samba) – After that stunning performance last week, Emma is pushing the NFLer to up his game.  Unfortunately, Rashad’s samba lacked the same confidence his Viennese Waltz possessed.  His hip action was swoon worthy and the non-samba moves were great, but there was a disconnect when the two would go into hold.  Some week’s you got it, others not so much.  Hopefully he can find it again next week.  Score: 28

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David and Lindsay (Jazz) – Holy mama.  Who would have though the retired baseball player would have those moves.  I’m sure David’s wife enjoyed the show and those bedazzled boxers.  Such fun and loved the tongue and cheekiness of it.  This man does not do anything halfway and it makes him such a joy to watch.  Score: 31

Simone and Sasha (Quickstep) – Oi, these younglings on the show are making me feel old.  Other than her lack of Elvis knowledge, the Olympian’s quickstep was entertaining and full of so much personality.  She brought the sassy attitude.  Score: 32

Heather and Maks/Alan (Tango) – She is a pro, so of course she knocked her boring tango out of the park.  And seriously producers, could you be more obvious with the artist and song assigned to her?  She played a Britney Spears obsessed character on Glee.  The judges are straining themselves trying to justify her ringer status.  Score: 33

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Nancy and Artem (Samba) – Look at sassy, sexy Nancy owning the dance floor.  Who knew that was buried inside of her?  The Olympian is coming out of her shell and showing she can hang with the best of them.  If she keeps this up, she may get the first 10 of the season (the inevitable 10 Heather is going to get next week will not count because SHE IS A PROFESSIONAL DANCER). Holy adorableness, Batman.  Artem is beyond loveable as he totally fangirled over Ricky Martin.  Score: 33

Normani and Val (Foxtrot) – The Fifth Harmony singer has made me eat my words from week one.  Not only is she a fantastic dancer, but she keeps adding personality to her moves.  I love how Normani and Val decided to not keep the foxtrot romantic as most usually do, but turned it into a steamy love affair between a gangster and his girl.  Really creatively done.  I think their isolation from the rest of the group and constant time together has contributed to how well she is doing.  She can’t be intimidated by how everyone else’s dances, she doesn’t get to see what they are doing until the day of.  If Nancy doesn’t get the 10 first, then it will definitely go to Normani.  Score: 24

Couples in Jeopardy – Nick & Peta and Charo & Keo

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Eliminated Couple –

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Charo and Keo

I told you last week, it was going to be her or Mr. T.  Like the departure of Chris Kattan, this one really bummed me out because she showed so much promise this week.  And poor Keo.  He seems to get stuck with the duds more often than not.  Of course, Artem competed for several seasons before he was given a proper partner.

Be sure to have the box of tissues nearby next week.  The stars will relive their most memorable years and the water works will be going.

What did you think of Vegas Night?  Are you hoping DWTS will do it again?  Do you think the right person went home?  What was your favorite dance of the night?  Talk to me in the comments section below.

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