Dancing with the Stars Week 4 Recap – Skyrocketing Kleenex Stock for the last 12 Years

It is time for the Stars to relive their most memorable years while the rest of us marvel at all the amazing and heartfelt dances.  Most Memorable Year is always an emotional night with the Stars remembering those life changing moments.  New beginnings, hard times that define, and the miracles of life and love were expressed though dance and I’m not crying, your crying.

The first 10s of the season were awarded to one deserving competitor along with a tearful (and frankly unfair) goodbye as one competitor was booted from the ball room.

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Let’s recap.  Starting from Lowest to Highest:

Mr. T and Kym (Waltz) – In 1995, the actor was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer.  His diagnosis renewed his belief in God and through his faith, found the strength to fight.  His waltz to “Amazing Grace” showed his continued dedication to his beliefs and his fight.  It was a beautifully touching routine that showcased what Mr. T could become as a dancer.  The waltz didn’t have a huge amount of content for him in it, but that was perfectly fine.  What little there was he dance really well and continued to show improvement from the previous week.  Score: 28

Nick and Peta (Rumba) – Wait!  Nick was on The Bachelorette twice?  How come he has never talked about it before?!?  If I never hear the words “runner up,” “Bachelorette,” “Andy,” or “Kaitlyn” come out of his mouth ever again, it will be too soon.  With that said, Nick’s rumba was a sound effort.  His fiancé couldn’t have been too happy to see how comfortable he was with dancing with multiple women, but that touch at the end where he grabbed her had to make up for some of that, right?  He keeps improving, but he is way behind the rest of the competition.  Score: 30

Erika and Gleb (Cha-cha) – Another one who is still improving, but so far behind everyone else.  The reality star wanted to pay tribute to all the other women out there struggling in the harsh world of celebrities in training.  I liked that she wanted to come out and do something stylish and edgy, but it just didn’t click with me.  Erika didn’t look like she was having fun.  Like she was just going through the motions.  Maybe if the Real Housewives star had picked a more emotional time, she could have dug deep for that something more everyone else managed to find for their performance.  Score: 30

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David and Lindsay (Viennese Waltz) – The retired baseball player had a really great year last year.  He achieved several career highs in the World Series where he helped the Cubbies win the title after 108 years.  It is also the year he decided he wanted to be with his family full time.  So, David’s dance was in honor of both his family and his former teammates.  And it was a lovely dance for such a lovely man.  His feet were not as graceful as they should have been for such a romantic dance, but he is so charming and loveable, it is easy to overlook his faults.   Score: 31

Bonner and Sharna (Viennese Waltz) – In contrast to David, Bonner’s 2016 was horrible.  While in competition, he was thrown from the bull he was riding in an awkward manner and landed on his head.  He broke his neck and his chances of survival were touch and go.  The doctors told him he would never be able to ride again, but he found a way to recover and return to his sport.  Bonner wanted to show his gratitude for receiving a second chance at life and gave one of his best dances so far.  He showed a gracefulness we haven’t seen from him since his sexy Viennese Waltz with Sharna in week two.  Maybe he needs to just stick with the romantic dances.  Score: 32

Normani and Val (Rumba) – The singer’s most memorable year was when she auditioned for The X Factor and joined Fifth Harmony.  Her family sacrificed so much for her to get to that point and Normani wanted to show them how much she loved them.  Something went off at the very beginning of the rumba.  I don’t know if the song didn’t quite fit, or the dance wasn’t in time with the singers.  Eventually things synced up and Normani and Val finished an excellent and expressive dance.  A very touching tribute to Normani’s family and fellow singers.  Score: 32

Nancy and Artem (Foxtrot) – The ice skater’s dream of a large family was not an easy one to achieve.  Nancy and her husband became pregnant with their first son quickly, but she would go on to endure eight miscarriages in six years in their attempts to have more children.  The constant loss was obviously quite difficult for her.  Eventually, Nancy and her husband were able to conceive with the help of in vitro and added two more lovely children to their family.  Nancy’s foxtrot was uplifting and full of such hope, it told her story so well.  While the dance was emotional, it was also optimistic in the face of hard times.  I feel like the judges were a bit too harsh in judging her.  I feel like that dance was worthy of one 10 from one of them.  Score: 33

Heather and Alan/Maks (Cha-Cha) – The professional dancer paid tribute to her husband and the year the two of them got married.  It was a really sweet story and a super cute dance.  Score 35

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Simone and Sasha (Viennese Waltz) – Simone’s life didn’t start out great.  Her mother struggled with drugs and the home life for her and her sister was not a good one.  Eventually child services stepped in and she ended up in foster care.  Not wanted to leave their granddaughters in the system, Simone’s grandparents took her and her sister in.  Like Nancy, Simone’s dance was full of such joy and hope as she honored her family.  It was great to see the gymnast come out and put all that emotion into her performance.  She should have gotten some 10s, dang it.  Score: 36

Rashad and Emma (Contemporary) – Rashad’s relationship with his father was not a good one when he was growing up, but his father chose to sacrifice a football career to provide for his family.  Just as Rashad’s career was on the verge of taking off, his father had a stroke and lost his legs due to a diabetic condition.  Rashad put his career and life on hold to go home and take care of his father.  His dance was in honor of the love and forgiveness his family has for one another.  It was truly something magnificent to watch.  I love how open the NFLer is with his emotions and tries to portray that in his movements.  He was absolutely deserving of the 10s he received.  Score: 39

After all the tears and scores were handed out, one couple had to be sent packing.

In Jeopardy:  Mr. T & Kym and Erika & Gleb

Image Courtesy of ABC

Both couples seem to have that I’m so done with this crap look going, don’t they?  Gleb especially.

Eliminated Couple:

Image Courtesy of ABC

Mr. T and Kym

Seriously disappointed Mr. T was sent home.  He kept showing so much progress, I would have felt less sad if it would have been Erika leaving the competition.  Being the stand-up guy that he is, Mr. T went out with a great outlook and gratitude for being given the chance to try something new.

Next week is Disney week!  Who do you think will get the obligatory Beauty and the Beast dance?  The film might be out of theaters at this point, but that doesn’t mean it is still not going to be promoted like crazy.

What did you think of last night’s Dancing with the Stars?  Are you bummed to see Mr. T go?  Which dance was your favorite?  Who do you think is going to get the ax next week?  Talk to me in the comments section below.

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