Dancing with the Stars Week 7 Recap – Have Your Popcorn Ready

It is a night at the movies as the seven couples dance to movie genre themed dances.  Since I have finals this week and next week, this is going to be a quickie recap.  Lord have mercy on the instructors who think it is okay to have a test the week before finals (seriously not cool, guys).

That opening number was beautiful and it was awesome to see Mandy Moore be the guest judge for the night.  I love Juliane Hough, but I wouldn’t cry if Mandy replaced her on the panel.  I feel like she has more of a camaraderie with the dancers and gives great critiques.

This week, there was the dreaded DANCE OFF and DOUBLE ELIMINATION (cue thunder, lightning, and the evil laugh) as the stars danced for immunity, then extra points.  At the end of the night two couples were sent home.  One eliminated couple was predictable, but the other was a bit of a shock to me.

Favorite dance of the night: Simone and Sasha

Normani and Val’s Argentine Tango was spectacular and certainly earned all four of those 10s and Rashad and Emma’s scary Paso Doble was a delight, the Olympic gymnasts Charleston, to me, was pure entertainment.  Simone found her inner silent film star and really sold it for me.  She allowed herself to have fun and be expressive in her face and in her movements.  Sasha choreographed such a great dance.  The two of them made it look effortlessly fantastic.

Image Courtesy of ABC

Honorable Mention: David and Lindsay

The retired baseball player is not the greatest dancer, but he is an absolute joy to watch.  This week saw the return of the fun David as he decided he was going to stop stressing over being the best and just have a great time on the floor.  For me, that makes all the difference in the world when watching him perform.  I could quit giggling (like a small child) during the dance because I just kept remembering Lindsay farting in his face during rehearsals.

Image Courtesy of ABC

Least Favorite Dance of the night: Bonner and Sharna

While it was a passable Paso Doble, but it lacked a lot of actual dancing.  Compared to everyone else in the night, it was kind of boring and forgettable.  It was fun to watch Bonner further embrace developing a character, he is still way behind the curve when it comes to the other competitors.

Image Courtesy of ABC

After the dance off did nothing other than fill out the two-hour show (we all know extra points don’t make a bit of a difference as to who stays and who goes), two couples had to hit the road.

Couples in Jepoardy:

Image Courtesy of ABC

Nancy & Artem, Nick & Peta, and David & Lindsay


Eliminated Couples:

Image Courtesy of ABC

Nick & Peta and Nancy & Artem

I knew Nick was on his way out the door (and you could visibly see the relief on his fiancé’s face), Nancy was a bit of a shock to me.  She is such an excellent dancer and I honestly figured she had the fan base to keep her in the competition to the finals.  She certainly had a manic, about-to-cry look on her face when she heard the results.  Maybe she felt the same way I did.

Next week sees the fanatic five working their way to the semi-finals and trio dances!  It is down to the wire, kids!

Talk to me in the comments section.  What was your favorite dance of the night?  Do you think the right two couples went home?  Who do you think will get the boot next week?

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