Dancing with the Stars Week 9 Recap – Safety Not Guaranteed

In the Semi-Finals, one couple achieved perfection in both dances.  But was it enough to get to the end?

It was a close competition last night as every couple saw giant break throughs and danced the best dances of the season so far.  There is a lot to live up to for the finals to be spectacular.

I just wanted to say right quick, sorry about skipping last week.  Finals week is tough to get through.  Hopefully for season 25 I won’t be scrambling as hard to get recaps done as well as school work completed on time.  (fingers crossed)

Back to the recap:

David and Lindsay (Foxtrot and Tango) – The retired baseball player has been working hard all season to improve and it really paid off this week.  David’s foxtrot was smooth and elegant.  He had great chemistry with Lindsay on the tango.  That lemon between his butt cheeks worked wonders, but I may be off lemon drops and lemonade for a while.  David’s dances were effortless and fun despite not being perfect.  I think his scores for this week will be as close to all 10s as he is going to get.  Scores: 70/80

Image Courtesy of ABC

Normani and Val (Viennese Waltz and Jazz) – I genuinely don’t comprehend how she did not get perfect scores on her waltz.  It was gorgeous and elegant (love the black and white camera work with only her dress colorized).  Val’s choreography was spot on.  Sometimes I don’t get the judges.  But that Jazz routine.  I couldn’t quit smiling and tearing up.  A perfect tribute to her family and New Orleans.  Score: 76/80

Image Courtesy of ABC

Rashad and Emma (Rumba and Quickstep) – Again, I don’t always understand the judges and the way they score.  Especially Len.  Rashad was dancing on air, his foot work was so light and on point.  The NFLer really took what Bruno taught him about fluidity and he displayed it effortlessly in both his dances.  His quickstep was high energy and fun.  Loved the concept of “Yes I Can.”  Truly inspirational.  Score: 77/40

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Simone and Sasha (Jive and Rumba) – DWTS is traditionally difficult for gymnasts because they are such perfectionists and work with their game faces on.  The only exception I have seen so far has been Laurie Hernandez.  It was really nice to see more of Simone’s personality break through and just dance for the fun of it.  She was sassy and fun with her Jive.  Simone was emotional and free in her rumba.  It is too bad it took her this long to let go.  Scores: 80/80

Image Courtesy of ABC

After what seemed like an emotional eight hours of dancing (seriously, the producers need to find a way to cut back on the judge’s comments and Erin Andrews’ interviews.  It kills the momentum of the show), we found out who is going to the finals.

Couples in Jeopardy:

Image Courtesy of ABC

David & Lindsay and Simone & Sasha

Eliminated Couple:

Image Courtesy of ABC

Simone and Sasha

Another big shocker.  For the second time this season, the couple with the perfect scores is sent home.  While I was okay with watching Heather go, I was really heartbroken to see Simone kicked off.  I have a sneaking suspicion people didn’t like her comment about smiling last week.  I frankly didn’t see a problem with it, but too many people have to find trivial reasons to be offended or they DIE!

Who will win it all?  I honestly couldn’t make a guess at this point.  David may not be the best dancer, but he has a massive fan base who champion him.  Normani has the scores, but I’m not sure she has the voter support.  Rashad is a mystery to me.  I don’t like football and pay as little attention to the NFL as possible (sometimes I don’t get a choice come Sundays in the fall since UberApe is a super fan), so I really don’t know if Rashad is popular or not.  He certainly has the moves to get him a win.

Image Courtesy of ABC

It is anyone’s game right now which makes for a truly exciting finale.  Big change of tune for me from the premiere when I dubbed this season as a dud.

What did you think of last night’s DWTS?  Were you shocked to see Simone sent home?  Do you think her comments last week had something to do with it?  Who do you see taking the Mirror Ball Trophy home?  Talk to me in the comments section below.

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