Hollywood Bracket

Hollywood is always looking for the next thing to rip off and make gazillions of dollars on, so how about we have some fun predicting what’s next. Hit me up on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, or in the comments section to nominate 8 YA book series that have not been made into a movie yet, 8 comic book characters, 8 toys or boardgames, and 8 movie franchises due for a reboot. The nominees must not already have a possible development deal in the works (i.e. the Stretch Armstrong movie stuck in development purgatory or Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children finally getting a director). Once the 32 players are set up in the bracket, we here in the Nerdom well set up possible plot lines, actors to star in movie, and directors. Whomever has the better or more ridiculously awesome sounding movie moves on to the next round. We keep the battles going until a winner is crowned!

Lets get crackin’! Send me some nominees on in the comments section or use Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ and spread the word #NerdomHollywoodBracket

Hollywoon Bracket

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